Monday, November 1, 2010

And Now, the Rest of the Story...

It was a beautiful October Saturday. The cool weather that had dominated the forecast for most of the week had cleared and the sun had warmed the temps up to comfortable coat free weather. After a morning of teaching yoga, working at the gym, and a quick run to grab the final costume making supplies needed to pull everything together, I returned home to a family eager to head out for our chosen day of fun. I sewed up a Hogwarts worthy scarf and hand-warmers while Scott made some lunch. Shortly after sandwiches and a little Iowa football, we were off to The Blank Park Zoo for Night Eyes. We have often talked about how fun it would be to check out this annual zoo event, and now that we only live 10 minutes away how could we NOT go.

We loaded up with the girls' costumes and my camera and headed out, arriving to a packed parking lot and lots of happy families out enjoying the beautiful fall day. After being directed to a parking spot in the "extra" lot, we headed towards the front gates. I began snapping pictures. Snap, snap, snap. Wait girls, turn around those trees make a nice back drop. Snap, snap, snap. We reach the front gate, pay, and head in to find a world of wonder. More pictures...Lexi with a staffer also dressed in Gryffindor garb; a really cool (sexy) Spiderman; Brea with the Disney princesses Snow White and Belle. And that was all in the first 5 minutes after stepping through the gates!

I would love to show you all those fabulous images HOWEVER shortly after snapping the princess shot I realized I had forgotten to put the memory card back in my camera after downloading images earlier in the week...meaning we have no images but the ones that are part of the memories in our minds...and I haven't figured out how to download those yet.


After considering whether it would be worth sending Scott home to grab the card or not, we decided not and continued through the zoo checking out the fun decorations and the animals who were out and about also thankful for a sunny day. Before we left, while sitting down enjoying an ice cream treat courtesy of Blue Bunny, I snapped this pictures with my camera phone. Nothing special, but evidence of a day of fun had.

Brea was quite sad that we didn't have her picture with REAL Princesses. In an effort to make up for my blond moment, we decided to take our trick-or-treating to the neighborhood in town where one of her best friends from pre-school lives in hopes we would run into her and her family. Thankfully just before we hit the last house on the loop we had decided to walk we spotted the 3 of them being Brea's friend!

I have been fully forgiven as Brea has decided a picture with her friend is worth a lot more than a picture with Princesses.



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Laurie said...

That last picture is a real keeper! You'll always remember this day even if the camera won't. :-)