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Story of a Preschooler...

Starting preschool has been something Brea has been looking forward to since March. She was under the impression that AS SOON AS YOU TURN 4 you get to start school. Imagine how long the wait for this fall has seemed in her little world. But it has come and she couldn't have been more excited when she woke up on Monday. The first words out of her mouth to me were, "TODAY IS MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!"

Excited I tell you.

Preschool in Carlisle is provided through the school district, which is pretty cool for a couple of reasons:
  • Every 4 year old in the district is guaranteed a spot. (Nice for those of us who became part of the district a little later during the registration process.)
  • The preschool classrooms are located in the lower elementary building, which excites Brea since she's going to the same school as her big sister.
  • Since the preschool program is funded through a grant, we don't have to pay tuition. (Nice for those of us trying to get a new business established in a new community.)
Brea was slotted in the afternoon group of classes. Afternoons were not our first choice as it would have been nice from my stand point of view to have mornings open for work, but we'll make it work obviously.

Monday morning was a LONG morning for Brea. She knew she got to go to school after lunch, so guess what she started asking for at 9:15. Finally at 11:00 we started the very drawn out process of getting ready. We ate lunch. Then we picked out clothes. I made her brush her teeth about 3 times longer than normal just to keep her occupied. And then finally it was time!

Now that Scott works a short 15 minute drive from home he was able to come home during his lunch break to share this big, exciting moment with his little monkey.

Again, I am reminded at times like this why moving was the right choice for our family.

When we got to the school there was a sea of parents, cameras in hand, watching as their new preschoolers lined up next to their teacher. We've had the chance to see Brea's teacher on several occasions in the past few weeks so Brea recognized her right away and went skipping over without so much as a look back in our direction. After the initial excitement wore off she obviously realized that she forgot to give us hugs and kisses good-bye. She quickly ran over to whisper in my ear, "Don't worry Mom, I will have a great day at school today."

I somehow managed not to cry.

A hug and a smooch for both Scott and I and she was back in line chatting with one of her new classmates. When it was time for the classes to head into the building to their classrooms, Brea (with a smile as big as Texas) looked out into the crowd and gave everyone a wave as if she was in a parade. We watched her until she was swallowed by the doorway, already anticipating the stories she would have to share with us at the end of the day.

Three hours after dropping her off I headed back down to the school for pick-up time. In just that short 3 hours she seemed to grow up a bit, telling me all about her job for the day (recess line leader), centers, snack (green apples), recess, and the end of the day clean-up routine. We walked around the corner of the building to the 3rd grade door to pick up Lexi (with Brea talking a mile a minute the whole way) and as soon Lexi came out of the door I became invisible. Brea ran to her sister right into a hug. They were both obviously thrilled to be sharing the excitement of Brea's first day of school. They walked the two blocks home hand-in-hand talking about each other's day while I followed close behind quietly soaking in the magic of the moment.

Another milestone reached. More memories made. How quickly the past 4 1/2 years have passed. As sad as I am to see Brea's toddler years slide into the past, I can't help but smile at the simple joy and excitement this new adventure has brought to her world. As a Mom there's nothing that warms my heart more than to see my kids happy. With school in full swing, we have two very happy girlies in our house these days.



MS said…
Awww, grown up! She will be spectacularly successful in preschool! Your photos are wonderful!
Sara said…
Brings tears to my eyes! Tears of joy from this teacher!
Laurie said…
Thank you for sharing Brea's first day. I was similarly teary-eyed watching the (soon to be) five-year old twins next door head off to their first day of kindergarten. They were premature, kind of miracle babies in some ways, so it was particularly satisfying...and touching...

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