Monday, September 27, 2010


Nine years to be exact. Nine years ago today Lexi's birth changed our lives forever. Changes that have brought so much love and richness into our day to day world. How lucky we are to have such an amazing spirit in our family. She's kind and considerate. Loving and compassionate. She responsible way beyond her years and there are times we have to remind her to just BE A KID! She loves to read and to write. To be artistic and creative. To learn new things and appreciate old traditions. She's a great big sister, so patient and caring. Sometimes I look at her and my heart aches to see how much she is like me, knowing some of the struggles she will probably face in life because of her soft heart and her over-developed sense of worry. But mostly I look at her in amazement of the gift we received the day she was born. The gift that we get to cherish each and every day. A gift that I will never take for granted.

We always let the girls pick a special dinner out for their birthdays. This year Lexi decided to celebrate by going out for her favorite IHOP. So we celebrated a day early and joined the Sunday brunch crowd. (We're not really early risers in this house on Sundays.)

Plus, from a responsible parenting point of view, I didn't cringe as much when she got a free ice cream Sunday (complete with a birthday song) for desert since it was brunch...and not breakfast.

Happy 9th my sweet girl. Thank you for being my daughter!



Jane said...

What a sweet daughter. I'm glad you got to enjoy it at her fav spot.

Laurie said...

Happy late birthday, Lexi! What a wonderful post.