Saturday, August 28, 2010

High School Football Fridays...

Last night we went to the opening home football game at the High School. It was nice. We found our neighbors, whose son plays on the Freshman team, in the stands. It was fun to have some familiar faces around us. For once I was the one waving at people and Scott was the one asking "Whose that?" thanks to my part time work in town. It was a weird switch of roles.

The stadium is great and there's plenty of room in the stands so you don't have to snuggle with the guy next to you, unless you want to. Lexi even had a new friend from school come sit with us for a bit. We met a nice guy next to us whose oldest son, a Sophomore, is on the team. Brea's preschool teacher and her family were sitting behind us. Brea crawled up for a visit to let her know just how very excited she is to start school on Monday. Carlisle is starting to feel a little more like home.

The band, well, let's just say there is room for improvement as the season plays out. HOWEVER it warmed my heart to see a sprinkling of cheerleader and football uniforms throughout the band both before the game and at half-time. The ability for our kids to be involved in a number of activities as they grow and explore various interests is exactly why we wanted to be in a school district of this size. Brea loved the band, dancing away anytime they played. She also informed Scott during the second half that she "loves this game." She decided she would like to be a football player. Lexi informed us she would rather be a cheerleader. I tried to keep my thoughts to myself...mostly.

I'm sure we'll be spending many more Friday nights at the football field in the coming weeks and years. I've already decided I need to put a small, portable knitting project on the needles to drag along next time. Luckily I happen to know someone, a new family member of sorts, who could use some new hand-warmers to keep her hands warm in the cool of Oregon winter.



Jane said...

I have grown to love high school football since my kids have been in band for the past 5 years....I try to bring some sock knitting since it is small. My relatives make fun of me but I don't care. I can talk to all my friends and family and catch the game, too....I can't stand having idle hands.

Laurie said...

I've always loved high school football games. My father and I went to all of them, from the time our small town grew big enough to field a football team to several years after I graduated. And my two stepdaughters were majorettes in the marching band, so we went to all of their games, too. I miss those's kind of weird to go now that the kids of everyone we know are grown and out of school.

And don't worry too much about the cheerleading. I wanted to be a cheerleader too and actually made the 7th grade squad. At the first game I learned I couldn't watch the game when I was cheering - so I quit! LOL!