Friday, July 30, 2010

The Annual Installment...

Today my RAGBRAI crew is getting wet as they travel across the northeast corner of the state. I can almost imagine being there with them as we too are getting intermittent showers here in central Iowa. I was with them for the first half of the week. Now I am home and, as I always find myself doing after this annual experience, processing the craziness that is the totally unexplainable world of RAGBRAI.

My role on Team 'Stream was once again a bit different this year. I helped support as a driver. Zero biking. A role I have before taken with a different group. Years ago. Before kids. And before I had learned about the joys of riding.

I think I like being a rider better.

For some reason RAGBRAI brings to the surface whatever insecurities or inner demons I've been trying really hard to supress. It's frustrating and has one more than one occassion brought me to tears at the most unexpected moments. Sometimes I'm good about recognize what's going on and letting things work out in a healthy and organic way. Sometimes...that's not so much the case.

Growth comes in a variety of ways I guess.

Interestingly enough, one of the highlights for me this year was the fabulous coffee shop we encountered in Algona. Pictures will follow soon.

July is quickly drawing to a close. Fall is not far behind. Let the countdown to next July begin!


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Laurie said...

Growth indeed comes in a variety of ways. I really needed to hear that today. :-)