Friday, July 30, 2010

The Annual Installment...

Today my RAGBRAI crew is getting wet as they travel across the northeast corner of the state. I can almost imagine being there with them as we too are getting intermittent showers here in central Iowa. I was with them for the first half of the week. Now I am home and, as I always find myself doing after this annual experience, processing the craziness that is the totally unexplainable world of RAGBRAI.

My role on Team 'Stream was once again a bit different this year. I helped support as a driver. Zero biking. A role I have before taken with a different group. Years ago. Before kids. And before I had learned about the joys of riding.

I think I like being a rider better.

For some reason RAGBRAI brings to the surface whatever insecurities or inner demons I've been trying really hard to supress. It's frustrating and has one more than one occassion brought me to tears at the most unexpected moments. Sometimes I'm good about recognize what's going on and letting things work out in a healthy and organic way. Sometimes...that's not so much the case.

Growth comes in a variety of ways I guess.

Interestingly enough, one of the highlights for me this year was the fabulous coffee shop we encountered in Algona. Pictures will follow soon.

July is quickly drawing to a close. Fall is not far behind. Let the countdown to next July begin!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Go Ahead, Smile...

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Dear flickr users,

Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for taking time to notice the little gems that make every day special. Thank you for continually inspiring me and pushing me to be more creative with what I capture in my own photos. And thank you for posting things so cute I want to pick up my computer screen and give it a squeeze.

(AKA YogiJenn to my flickr friends.)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Can I Have Some More Please...

Brea has been thoroughly enjoying the organic cherries she picked out from the grocery store.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Personal Ad...

We love our new house. Love it! We love the big dining room and open common rooms. We love the charm and character of the tall ceilings and wide wood work. We feel quite at home here and it's only been 3 weeks. I'm getting a bit antsy to start doing some painting and decorating to really help it feel like our space.

Today the girls and I were back in Grinnell so that I could teach class and so we drove past the old house to see the new roof. My flowers are in full bloom and the house looked nicer than it ever did the 6+ years we lived there thanks to hard work we put into the fresh paint job this spring. It was somewhat interesting to me that I didn't even get the least bit sad looking at ol' 1217 Ann, though I do miss our old neighborhood a bit.

What I most miss about Grinnell are our friends and familiar faces/places around town. The 4th of July ended up being a very emotional weekend for me. Taking much needed breaks from packing to join some of the local festivities left me feeling so very lonely. We were surrounded by people, yet there was not a familiar face in the crowd. By weekend's end I was tired, in tears, still not feeling very settled, and very much questioning why we had to leave the comfort of everything we had come to know as home in Grinnell.

I'm glad to say I'm feeling better about things now.

Sometimes I wish meeting new people in town was a simple as writing a family personal ad and waiting for interested contacts. What might we write about our family? Maybe something like...

New Carlisle family of 4 looking for friendship. Family consists of: one 30 something politically moderate profession husband who enjoys all things related to sports, talk radio, reading Stephen King novels, and who aspires to one day learn to fly fish and play the guitar; one 30 something politically liberal yoga teaching wife who knits, sews, gardens, blogs, takes pictures, bikes, loves dancing and who supports gay marriage, alternative energy, buying local, the right for women to choose, and believes in the power of compassion and love to create peace across differences; 2 busy, growing, inquisitive girlies (ages 8 & 4) who love art, animals, swimming, reading, bike riding, all forms of play and exploration, and time spent with friends and family. Interested contacts should enjoy casual BBQs, open air music concerts, impromptu get togethers for coffee, random family fun, and promoting the growth and health of the local community.

I know, I know...meeting people will simply take some time...I just wish there was an easy way to jump start things a bit.

My new wide angle lens is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to get some pictures taken of the house to share with you all!


Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Parade...

Our new house happens to be ON the 4th of July Parade route here in Carlisle. The parade last Saturday provided a nice mid-day unpacking break and a chance for me to dust off my camera...

We are having internet service hooked up at our house tomorrow. It will be nice to be able to share with you a bit more regularly again in the coming weeks! Thank you to everyone who had checked in and left a comment recently. Your words of cheer have really helped as I have been processing a whole host of emotions related to our move. Thank you, thank you dear friendly readers!