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An Undisclosed Location...

In early March Scott announced that he had made plans for us to celebrate our anniversary AWAY this weekend. I was given no details except that a bit of a drive would be involved and reservations had been made. Friday after Scott got home from work we loaded up and headed east...

to the the Mississippi River...

to a B&B associated with a winery which we had visited a few years back on a wine tour event with friends. We arrived with approximately 36 hours of unplanned time. We love schedule free trips like this and the free moments they provide to explore whatever strikes our interest in the moment. Here's a few things I learned/was reminded of during our time away:
  • Small river towns have a really weird social dynamic that I don't think I will ever fully understand.
  • No matter how many times I see the Mississippi, I think I will always be amazed by its presence.
  • The communities that have sprung up on Old Man River's banks, and that are carved into the surrounding bluffs, are interesting and incredible displays of architectural engineering.
  • Cool things are often found in the most unexpected places...

  • All B&Bs are not created equal. Out of respect for the warm hospitality and lovely breakfasts that were part of our stay, I will say nothing more than we mostly likely won't be staying at this particular B&B again. Which is too bad...the location is amazing and the property has so much potential.
  • There might not be anything I enjoy more than a quiet hike in the forest next to the man I love.
  • Conversations that spring up during weekends away always leave me with a better understanding, and a deeper respect, for the man who is my husband.
  • I do not like German beers.
  • Walking into an Irish Pub always feels like home...and Irish beers can very quickly erase the memory of a bad beer experience.
  • Raunchy, in your face, over the top comedy movies do not make for a romantic date night experience.
  • $20 worth of pillows and pillow cases can make a big difference.
  • Hummingbirds are a joy to watch.
  • My husband still has the ability to totally catch me off guard, to do something surprisingly out of character, and I LOVE THAT!
  • 36 hours is just about the perfect amount of time to be away from the girls. Long enough to recharge...not so long that we start to miss them too terribly bad.
Thanks Mr. Mavin for the weekend...for sharing my life...for sharing your heart.



nikki's spot said…
Don't like German beers?!!? You're crazy!
Laurie said…
Aw...sounds like the kind of celebration Romeo and I enjoy. Glad you had a great anniversary...and wish the B&B had been better no matter what the problem was. I wish you many more wonderful celebrations!
Brenda P. said…
Aw man, I am dying for this kind of getaway. Three days is perfect...I'm thinking somewhere north and lakey. First, I have to find a relative to take the boys...
What a lovely post about your wonderful relationship. The world needs more of these for sure! SO happy to have found you through grounding thru the sitbones...

Wishing you many more adventures with your special man,


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