Monday, June 21, 2010

Finding Time to Pause...

Things around here have been a bit crazy you can probably imagine. This week we will officially sell our Grinnell house, purchase our Carlisle house, pack up our belongings, and make The Move. Much of my time as of late has been spent playing with boxes. Sorting, packing,'s been both cathartic and overwhelming. But once in a while I get to pause and simply enjoy the moments of life that still find time to happen in amongst all the chaos. Like the other day when Lexi decided she was going to help Brea practice writing her letters...

I am thankful for life's simply joys...even when life feels less than simple.

Side note: The Move is happening on Saturday. After that time my access to the Internet is going to be very limited for a bit...possibly for a few weeks or even a couple of months. You'll be the first to know when we are fully functioning in the modern world again. I'm looking forward to being able to share with you our adventures as we explore our new community and settle into our new home.



Laurie said...

Moving is never easy, but I wish you the smoothest of transitions and look forward to reading about your new adventures in your new home. Bon voyage! :-)

kshotz said...

Sending lots of supportive thoughts your way! Will look forward to reconnecting via the blog once you are settled.


Anonymous said...

These warm my heart. Two special little gals there - great big sister! Happy, successful move. We'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear again. Carol

barbaramaarit said...


Mari told me that you asked about me at your goodbye party Wednesday. I'm fine. I'm loving swimming at the new pool, walking and doing some yoga at home. I much appreciate the fact that you thought of me.

You will be missed. I was glad to know from Monica and Mari that you'll be in Grinnell on Thursdays. We'll get together and knit sometime.

I'll look forward to your blog when you get it going again.

Your girls are adorable. I love those pictures. They remind me so much of mine at that age.

Best of luck to you all. I'll look for you on Ravelry, too. Look for my Irma Bag. I'll get pictures posted of it soon. It's pretty amazing if I do say so myself (and very simple, too!) Take time to knit and take care of yourself during this potentially stressful time.

Love, Barbara