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15 years ago today I married a cute boy with whom I had fallen in love. We were so young. In some ways so naive. Yet we knew that it takes a lot of love, a lot of work, and a little luck to make a marriage work for years and years to come.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of our union in the company of our two beautiful daughters.

We've traveled together down life's road through all sorts of hills and valleys. We have had our share of a individuals. We know that there are hills and valleys left to traverse in the years to come. But at the end of the day regardless of the journey we have never lost focus on the important of traveling with love and compassion as our map. Neither of us is perfect or above making mistakes. We will always have to work to grow as individuals and as a couple if our journey together is to continue. But together we have somehow figured out a beautiful harmony that, at least I know in my case, makes living a life sprinkled with imperfections all that much more beautifully perfect.

I celebrate today knowing that the cute boy with whom I fell in love during my youth is now the man who is my best friend. My soul mate. Whose smile (and those cute little wrinkles at the corners of his eyes) makes me smile. A man whose touch can still make me melt after all these years. He is a man with the arms that make everything OK when they wrap around me...even when it's not. The man whose kisses warm my heart and leave me anticipating more. He is the man whose hand I can't help holding as we drive down the road, or walk down the street, or sit across from one another at dinner, or snuggle (with our girlies) on the couch watching yet another animated flick during family movie night. He is the man who has shown me unconditional love even during my ugliest moments. The man who is not afraid to share his feelings, his worries, or his tears. He is the man who has whole heartedly supported even my craziest ideas because he knows how it feeds my soul to live from my heart. The word love doesn't seem big enough to envelop all the feelings I hold in my heart for the man with whom I share my life.

Cheers to 15 years!

I love you Scott.



Laurie said…
Happy anniversary, Jenn and Scott! My Romeo and I celebrated our 12th a few weeks ago. I'd hoped to write a post maybe half as beautiful as yours, but life and a sick dog got in the way. I'm so happy for both of you...and am working on a killer anniversary post for #13 (YIKES!!!). :-)
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!!! 15 years go by fast. Shane & I just celebrated our 19th on May 18th. Time flies when your having fun!! Have a great get away. I always enjoy those kid free moments.
Anonymous said…
Now, this is the couple we invited into our home and grew to love very much!! I still remember that first night you came for supper. Marriage is all about growing and working together through all the ups and downs! Happy Anniversay!! Love to you both!!

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