Thursday, May 13, 2010

This One's for You Aunt Carol...

Today is one of those days where I'm not sure writing a blog post is such a good idea...yet at the same time it could be just the therapy I need.

I just got home from teaching my last yoga class on the campus of Grinnell College for the year. I actually have a few classes in the gallery scheduled through the summer, but summer is different. Many of my regular students will have moved on with their lives...literally.'s one of the great evils of life in a college town. Because of the college a number of amazing people find their way from all over the world to this little central Iowa students, as staff, as faculty. But many of them are only here for a short while before they move on to new adventures in other places. And sometimes that just sucks. (I will miss you Amy and of luck in Texas!)

Any hoo...I found myself unexpectedly emotional drawing this week's classes to a close. I have had a connection with the college in some an employee, as a coach, as contracted service provider...for almost 10 years. I've been teaching yoga there for almost 3. I've watched the yoga community on campus grow from a few familiar many familiar faces. I will miss those faces and the practices we have shared over the years. It is comforting to know that with the growth of participants the number of yoga related offerings on campus has also grown.

On the house front...rain has once again stalled progress on our painting. But now with Uncle Jason back in town, we'll have an extra set of hands to help once the weather decides to cooperate.

"Our" new house in Carlisle went through inspection yesterday. While yes, we knew some of the things that would pop up because it's an 80 year old house, some of the other findings give me reason to pause. We will be looking for council from some of our friends "in the know" when it comes to houses.

I've hit a little bump in the road in relationship to my business contacts today too. Not enough to discourage me, just enough to cause me to expand my search for possible solutions to WHERE I might be able to offer classes and private services in our new community. I realize having to change directions NOW is mostly causing me stress because our close/move date (if it sticks) is only 6 weeks away(!), not because it's a difficult thing to do. That combined with the fact that I will be making this transition in the middle of summer, the slowest time for any time of group classes, has me just a bit nervous about the state of my income come the first of August.

The girls and I are scheduled to visit the Carlisle Elementary next week. I'm hoping a visit will help ease some of the anxiety Lexi is starting to experience as the school year is drawing to a close and she thinks about not returning to third grade with her familiar buddies come fall.

I know that all these emotions I have going on today are simply part of the grieving process that I expect to go through as we move forward with leaving a community that we have loved so much. In which we have so many amazing friends and connections. A community that offers just about everything we had ever hoped a community could offer our family. The only thing it hasn't been able to offer us is the right employment opportunity for Scott...and as such it's apparently not where we were meant to land forever. My mind knows that...but today my heart is having a hard time accepting it all.

So that's the update. Tomorrow the sun is suppose to shine. Thank goodness! Stress + cloudy, rainy grayness = less than optimistic me.



Jenny said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling worried and down! I think that always comes with having to leave something behind. Iäm sending you lots of comforting thoughts and hugs!

/ Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hugs. Those friends are just a hour away, and 6 weeks seems short now but 2 weeks will drag...ask Nikki. Thx for the update, and as Annie says "the sun will come out tomorrow" and the new adventures ahead will be exciting. Oh, hi Jason! Aunt C.

Laurie said...

Someone once told me that the time when it seems like everything is falling apart is the time when something really big and good is getting ready to happen. There's so much change going on in your life that if you weren't having days like these, I'd be a little worried about you. ;-) Hang will all come together and be good.