Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Stitches...

With all the work on the house we have been doing over the past 6 weeks it feels like it's been FOREVER since I've had any knitting news to share. Most nights, if I do have a few moments to sit down before falling into bed, I'm lucky to have the energy to stare effortlessly at the knitting left unnoticed because picking it up would require SOME effort and focus. HOWEVER, spring break proved a great chance to reconnect with my needles...and of course acquire a bit of new wool.

I've wanted to make my Mom some sort of snugly morning coffee and newspaper reading wrap since I first caught the knitting bug. In February, even though I already had my sweater on the needles, I cast on for a basic moebius wrap with one of my favorite yarns, Knit Picks City Tweed, in the color way Toad. Then because I got bored with just green, I added some stripes in the color ways Tabby and Cottontail because I happened to have them on hand.

I thought I would have no problem finishing it by the time we packed for our trip, but I found myself feverishly working to get through the 2x2 ribbing and the longest bind-off EVER the first couple of days of break. I personally think it ended up a bit big...but my Mom loves it...and really, that's all that matters.

Of course no trip home would be complete without a visit to the Brown Sheep Co. factory store. It was a big day for my knitting life actually...meeting Marie from Permission to Unwind, getting the chance to get to know better Donna who oversees the BSC yarn shop (who is also a knitting designer and teacher, a fellow yogini, and has a blog of her own, The Art of Yarn), and of course stocking up for some upcoming projects!

In this pile is superwash wool for socks like I make my Mom for Christmas; red bulky wool for a cabled bag (a design of Donna's) Lexi fell in love with during our visit; cotton/wool blend in bright cheery colors for circular shrugs for my girlies; and some bulky felting wool for making moebius baskets. (Thanks Mom!) Being as my knitting time is limited at the moment, AND the fact I'm kinda a slow knitter anyway, I should have no problem making it through the next 6-12 months, during which Scott and I have decided to observe a spending freeze in relationship to expenses not necessary for day to day existence OR house upkeep, before my stash needs a little new enhancement.

My Italian February Lady Sweater even got some love during break. I've finally started the lace section of the design.

It's a good thing I had the Olympics to help me get through all that stockinette! I'm really enjoying the lace pattern as it's simple enough to still be able to carry on a conversation while knitting at the coffee shop or while watching a TV program...and I love how opening up the fabric makes it seem like you're making progress twice as fast! While I think this sweater would have been a perfect addition to my wardrobe for spring, I'm sure it will be just as nice to have it wearable by the start of fall. (Because let's be this rate it's not going to get done much sooner than that!)

How about you? With the start of spring, sunny days, and warmer weather what do you find yourself knitting (or not knitting) these days?



Allison said...

I'm trying to finish my Multnomah shawl before the cooler spring weather leaves. Then, I intend to begin knitting Jared Flood's Urban Aran Cardigan! Not a summery project.

Laurie said...

I can't not knit. It's kind of like heroin with fiber. And since I don't care for summery knits (or summery clothes, in general), I'll still be making shawls and scarves and looking forward to the cool fall when I can wear them.

LOVE City Tweed! I'm waiting on a shipment of Tabby to arrive so I can cast on for the Boneyard Shawl. BTW, is there a pattern for the wrap you made for your mom? I'd love to make one!

s said...

We've actually installed a mini-green house in our office room so our plants are getting started before putting them into the ground. I love getting the garden ready for planting!