Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The fact I suggested we stop to take a picture of this, combined with the fact that Scott did it without a second thought, might be some indication of our general level of maturity at times. (And why I love that man more and more each day.)

(Come on, admit it...your laughing too.)

We saw this sign driving around on our house hunting trip this weekend. It was a fun morning of exploring. I love poking around old houses and unknown neighborhoods. However by the end of the weekend I think both Scott and I felt like we had come to a few speed humps in our decision making process.

Bigger community with more to offer in terms of services and activities but a further commute for Scott, more likely than not a bit higher cost of living and, at least to this point, no yoga business connections.


Quiet smaller community in which I have already made some great business related contacts that offers a shorter commute for Scott but which doesn't offer very much in terms of basic retail offerings.

Both have good schools from what we can tell...which is a huge relief. This community shopping business is so much more difficult when you have to figure in kid related stuffs into the decisions.

Regardless I think we have decided to put the house hunting on hold for a bit. I think it will help remove one layer of complication to our decision making process that is unnecessary at this point. We can always RENT until we make sure we have chosen the right community, have ourselves established in said community, and find the RIGHT house for our family. Sigh.

Then there is the big speed hump that's slowing us down from making any decision...the fact we still very much own a house here in Grinnell. Our few showings in the past 2 weeks haven't resulted in any potential buyers...in part we found out yesterday thanks to our occasionally (mostly during the spring rainy season) damp basement. Well now...what are we gonna do about that?

Speed humps.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, some of the crafty bloggers that I follow are participating in Knitting and Crochete Blog Week inspired by Eskimimi Knits. I had really hopped to join the fun, but I'm already a day behind. I'm pondering taking the time to catch up so I blog about something besides speed humps and house selling/buying woes. Stay tuned...



Kate said...

Like bunnies?! I can out giggle a middle schooler sometimes, I swear.

Carolyn Jacobson said...

My sister and I pulled over and took a photo of the same sign (in a different city) a couple of months ago. You're not alone.

I send good thoughts your way on the whole selling/buying/renting/prioritizing/thinking stuff you're in the middle of.

Beverly said...

Do you have a dehumidifier or two? That generally helps a damp (not wet) basement a lot.