Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hurry and Wait...

Hurry up and get the house cleaned to get it on the market...wait for a buyer.

We had our first two showings last week...we are still waiting for feedback.

The house transformation is moving forward. This weekend thanks to my fabu hubby, his Aunt Pam, and our friend Evan, Helen (our house...yes we are those annoying people that give inanimate objects names...deal with it) got the first part of her face lift.

The drab dingy yellowy tan is a thing of the past, replaced with a nice warm "winter wheat". Honestly it's a bit darker than I had envisioned, but it feels so fresh...and as Scott has pointed out there is no changing things now! This weekend starts trim work. Bright white trim to make it all pop. I can't wait!

While I didn't get in on much of the siding painting, I did give our house numbers and mail box a little spray of flat black paint to match our light fixtures. Lovely. Fresh. (Why didn't we do this 6 years ago?)

I think one of the hardest parts of this whole hurry and wait roller coaster that we are on is not knowing WHEN we might be moving. It's hard for me to be patient as I'd really like to get moving on not only finding a new home for our family...but also a new home for my work. But after today I think we are a bit closer to knowing WHERE we might be moving! Brea and I went community shopping today in Indianola. In addition to nice neighborhoods, affordable housing, good schools, thriving local businesses, great parks, a small liberal art college, and recreational activities...the coffee shop ROCKS!

Coffee shops, in my opinion, say a lot about a community. Our coffee shop is always a bustle. I can always count on finding a friendly face there whether I'm popping in quick to grab a treat, or settling down for a sit. It's about way more than just the coffee and yummy treats...though let's be honest, that's important too! Today we were greeted by tables full of chatty customers and a GREAT latte at Uncommon Grounds. The ladies were very friendly and suggested places in town we should check out during our exploration. Brea really enjoyed her home-made gingerbread man. (It was DELICIOUS...I had to have a little taste...you know, for research purposes.) The atmosphere was bright and warm and had lots of natural light from the big front windows. I really enjoyed feeling like we could make Uncommon Grounds our new home town coffee stop.

But first we must wait...


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