Monday, April 12, 2010

Because it's unlikely you will ever see it this clean in person...

Our Realtor came over this morning to take pictures of our house for its listing. (The reason for the Mega Cleaning Extravaganza that went on around here this weekend.) I couldn't resist snapping a few photos myself to both show off all our hard work and have some visual records of our first home.

First off...the living room.

Look at my newly painted RED front door. Love.

I decided a few fresh flowers were deserved after our hard work.

Topping our snuggle blanket basket...the new quilt my Mom made me. Pattern name: Iowa Girl. That I am.

Heading on into the kitchen.

One of the most exciting things for me about owning my own home was FINALLY being able to paint my kitchen RED. I love my tiny red kitchen. The paint swatch is tucked away in a safe place as this is maybe (in my opinion) the perfect shade of red. It WILL find it's way into our new home.

Our tiny bathroom.

Our quiet nightly sanctuary.

A room full of energy and fun.

I LOVE how the girls' quilts made by Grandma Shirley look on their new bunks!

The orange closet. When we moved into this house Lexi had just turned 2. We asked her what color she wanted to paint her room. Her We talked her to yellow...with a little orange in the closet. Can you imagine a whole ORANGE room?

When I showed people the paint swatch for our 3rd bedroom I got a lot of funny looks. No body thought painting a small room such a dark color was a good idea...boy am I glad we didn't listen. The "Raisin room" (named for the paint color) has always been one of my favorite places to hang out regardless of it's purpose at the moment. (It has served, craft room, junk collection room, guest bedroom.)

One of our favorite features of our lot...a HUGE backyard that over looks our neighbors well tended gardens. And trees. So many, many trees.

The outside of our house is getting a face lift this month. At least that is the plan. So I present to you the before view.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what it looks like AFTER!

Preparing the house for photos this weekend brought back so many memories of those first days after we took possession. So many happy memories have been created here. But now it's time for someone else to create memories in this home...and for us to find a new home in which to continue making ours!



Beverly said...

Lovely. Warm. Charming. Cozy. Home.

krista said...

I LOVE those flower vase holders!! Where did you get them?

Jenny said...

Wow! I don't think our apartment has ever looked as spotless as those photos! You really have a lovely home, but it will be really fun to read on to what you're going to make of your new place too.

/ Jenny

MS said...

It looks really fantastic, guys! Nice work! Can't wait to see the paint transform the outside!

JenB said...

Everything looks awesome!! Great job on all your hard work!:)

Laurie said...

What a lovely home! If it were in Ohio, I'd seriously be checking it out. LOVE the red kitchen (don't let my husband see this - he panics whenever I see anything red, knowing I'll want it!).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I felt right at home. And I'm sure your family will, too, in your next one.