Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break Snippets...

We are mid-way through our spring break week already! Thought I'd share just a few tid-bits about our week thus far. I happen to know a certain Daddy/Hubby back at home who is missing his girls who I'm sure will love seeing a few snaps of our adventures. (And for the record, his girls are missing him too!)

Our drive back west is 665 miles, which equates to many hours in the car. While we have had the portable DVD player for several years, this year I decided to try having the girls use headphones. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

I honestly don't know how parents ever survived long trips before DVDs and portable gaming systems. Those little modern conveniences are definitely sanity savers for this Mom!

The first stop on our trip was my aunt's house. My cousin Sydney and the girls always have TONS of fun hanging out.

Last Saturday we celebrated a certain now 4-year-old's Birthday. Aunt Kathleen started Brea's day out in a very special way...waffles, eggs, bacon, strawberries and whipped cream perfect for holding 4 festive candles.

Many more birthday pictures are to come once we return home and I have a chance to unload and process the shots on Remy's memory card. I'm pretty impressed with these pictures which have been taken with Lexi's little Nikon. (Mommy's point and shoot hasn't been working quite right since it went for a little swim. Oops!)

Yesterday was a special treat as I got the chance to meet my knitting, yogini, blogland friend Marie of Permission to Unwind. She happens to currently be living an easy 90 minute drive from my Mom's so she was kind enough to pop over to the big city for a girls day out. We enjoyed coffee, a stop at the local natural foods store, a vegan friendly lunch back at my Mom's, AND of course a quick run out to the Brown Sheep factory yarn shop.

We are definitely like souls and after we dropped Marie off at her car my Mom's only comment was "I don't think I could ever keep up with you girls during a chat! You guys were just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk." Talk we did...non-stop...and what fun it was. Thanks Marie for hopping over for our visit! I look forward to doing it again the next time we weave our way west.

Mom just returned home with my 96-year-old Great Grandmother who is joining us for some lunch and afternoon conversation. These are the moments that make all that drive time worth the effort!



Marie-Jolie said...

It really was a wonderful visit! I felt like we could have kept going for hours and hours. I do hope we can see each other again next time you visit. Isn't the Internet fascinating that it would help such like souls meet across huge distances? Thanks again for a lovely lunch and for sharing your spring break visit with me. By the way, please let your girls know how much I enjoyed meeting them. And your mom too!

Donna said...

It was so nice to see you both again, and TOGETHER! That is very cool. I found myself wanting to ask you to stay for the rest of the day so we could just visit! lol:) What incredibly talented, insightful women you are! Travel safe, Jenn!