Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reason # 87...

We have made our annual pilgrimage west for Spring Break.

Reason # 87 that we visit (rather than live in) Western Nebraska:

The FUCKING wind!

(After almost 4 hours of driving it in today fighting to keep Velma (our Vue) in one lane or the other and out of the side of the many semis we traveled the interstate with...that's exactly how I feel about it.)

On the flip side during a bit of a driving break I had a very nice conversation with a 50 something gentleman in the checkout line of the store at which we stopped to walk around in to stretch our legs. (And use their potty. And get some cold drinks.) I love mid-western hospitality.

While at said store I picked up a little something to help me relax from maintaining a death grip on the steering wheel during today's part of the travel leg.

First dose taken...a second is soon to follow. It seems to be a very effective therapy.



Marie-Jolie said...

Yea, the wind today STINKS! I absolutely cannot stand the wind in this part of the world.

Yucko! Hope you don't blow away. By the way, email me and let me know where we're meeting and when!

kshotz said...

The wind is like that in North Dakota too (we have relatives there). . .

Kim in IA