Monday, March 8, 2010

Doin' The Lefty Switch...

My friend Jen came all the way from central Nebraska this weekend to help me celebrate my birthday. In return (well, I was planning to do this eventually anyway) I decided it was time to get her started on the knitting wagon. Only I forgot that she's left handed. So we both got to learn a new skill. Here's my little left-handed knitting swatch...

I realize for those who normally knit left-handed this is no big deal. But the fact I was able to figure it out as someone who normally bats on the right side of the plate, this pleases me quite a bit.

(For those who know me I'm sure you are laughing at the baseball/softball know, since I official retired from the game after that unfortunate broken ankle batting accident. Which after looking back to link to posts about I realize I never REALLY wrote about here. things have changed around here.)

Interesting fact...when I knit right-handed I'm a thrower. When I knit left-handed I'm a picker. Which just goes to show not matter which hand is working, my right hand always has to be in charge of the yarn.

After a few false starts, Jen left with an inch or so start of what has promise to be a lovely organic cotton washcloth. I will be checking up on her to make sure she stays with the program. (Tee hee.)


P.S. The give-away box is all ready to be given away. Who will be the lucky recipient? Have you left your comment on post 501?

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Mary LeMaster said...

Well way to go on the left handed knitting. How FUN!