Thursday, March 11, 2010


Through all the busyness of normal life I'm trying to get our house ready to be put on the market. It is AMAZING how much CRAP a family of 4 can accumulate in 6 years time. Imagine if we had been living here for decades worth of time! I think it would warrant hiring a professional to get through it all.

Any who, I'm trying REALLY hard to de-stash. To look at things and ask myself: When was the last time someone used this? What is the likelihood we will ever use it again? And in the case of some of those special baby clothes I've been holding on to for memory sake: Won't this better serve someone who can use it rather than spending the rest of its existence in a box?

I will admit, while I'm not one much for clutter, I do have a hard time letting things go at times. So much so that even AFTER I have gotten rid of something...after it is forever gone from my possession (whether it be into the trash or off to the thrift shop)...I wonder if letting it go was indeed the right thing. What if I could have used it? What if I could have passed it on to some one I know that could use it? What if the next person who owns it doesn't appreciate it the way I once had? Honestly, the amount of time I can waste wondering if I did the right thing getting ride of this or that is RIDICULOUS!

As I was thinking about it today, delivering yet another box of goodies to their new home, I decided part of my problem is I have the luxury of choice. I don't HAVE to get rid of anything. I could hold on to it all and just pack it and schlep it around. What if I didn't have the luxury of choice? What if those items were lost in say a fire. Or a flood. Would I still feel the same way? I don't think so.

In those cases gone is gone. Period. There's very few things I would actually try to save in an children, my pets, our external hard drive that holds all our family photos. (OK that last one is debateable depending on how much time we're talking about to grab and go.) That's about it. (Obviously I'm counting on my husband being able to save himself.)

The fact of the matter is, everything else in our house is replaceable. While yes, some things hold many memories...the quilts my Mom has made, a few pieces of furniture that have a life and a story before they joined ours, the girls' favorite snuggles...but in the end those things, with time, can be replaced if need be. So I think I'm going to try to adopt the gone is gone, period attitude to my de-stashing. After all, all the time and energy I waste on wondering could be spent on so many other much more productive tasks. (Like knitting on my sweater that hasn't been touched in over a week. Sigh.) My new mantra...pack it, deliver it, and don't look back.

Now, as for the guilt I have over the amount of EXCESS/WASTE the need for all this de-stashing represents...that's a topic for discussion on another day.


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Anonymous said...

watch the show "Hoarders" and you'll get rid of it all.. no problem..