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Spring Break Snippets...

We are mid-way through our spring break week already! Thought I'd share just a few tid-bits about our week thus far. I happen to know a certain Daddy/Hubby back at home who is missing his girls who I'm sure will love seeing a few snaps of our adventures. (And for the record, his girls are missing him too!)

Our drive back west is 665 miles, which equates to many hours in the car. While we have had the portable DVD player for several years, this year I decided to try having the girls use headphones. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

I honestly don't know how parents ever survived long trips before DVDs and portable gaming systems. Those little modern conveniences are definitely sanity savers for this Mom!

The first stop on our trip was my aunt's house. My cousin Sydney and the girls always have TONS of fun hanging out.

Last Saturday we celebrated a certain now 4-year-old's Birthday. Aunt Kathleen started Brea's day out in a very special way...waffles, eggs, bacon, strawberries and w…

Reason # 87...

We have made our annual pilgrimage west for Spring Break.

Reason # 87 that we visit (rather than live in) Western Nebraska:

The FUCKING wind!

(After almost 4 hours of driving it in today fighting to keep Velma (our Vue) in one lane or the other and out of the side of the many semis we traveled the interstate with...that's exactly how I feel about it.)

On the flip side during a bit of a driving break I had a very nice conversation with a 50 something gentleman in the checkout line of the store at which we stopped to walk around in to stretch our legs. (And use their potty. And get some cold drinks.) I love mid-western hospitality.

While at said store I picked up a little something to help me relax from maintaining a death grip on the steering wheel during today's part of the travel leg.

First dose taken...a second is soon to follow. It seems to be a very effective therapy.



Stitchin' Bee block for April
Originally uploaded by Film and Thread
Another Flickr find. Too cool not to share!



People, have you seen this website?

It's a website where you can design and print your own fabric!!!

Seriously, how frickin' cool is that?

Doesn't it make you want to start playing with colors and designs...I mean if you can peel yourself away from checking out all the cool prints other people have designed.

Check it out people!

(But don't blame me if you spend the next several hours of your time "window" shopping!)


That Neurotic Dog...

I took this picture in December. I never REALLY looked at it until tonight while I was gathering pictures for Lexi to take to school for her "Star Student" week.

I like it.

I think it might perfectly capture Tilde's loving and oddly lovable neurotic personality.

What do you think?



The first bloom after the long darkness of winter always brings cheer to my heart. Spring IS on its way!!!


Possible New Home...

VW camper and trailer
Originally uploaded by Leo ReynoldsSaw this picture on Flickr today. Too cute! Made me think of Carlos, Tiny Circus and the growing fleet of rebuilt Airstreams. Wonder if he would be interested in branching out?


Squooshy Goodness...

I came home to an over-sized envelope sticking out of the mailbox today...

And envelope full of squooshy, hand-spun goodness from Kate at Lazy Kate Creates...

Hand-spun goodness that made we want to first grab my camera and then roll around in the softness...

(I refrained from the later impulse.)

Thanks Kate for hosting your lovely give-away! (Thanks Random Number Generator for picking me.) While I'm trying to decide what each of these little treasures will become, I think I'll just enjoy petting them for a while.

On a different, but related note, I fully blame Kate's blog for sparking my now growing interest in spinning. And then Allison at Alaskan Purl had to go and have a great first experience with drop spindling. You ladies are bad influences. That's all I'm going to say at this point...



Through all the busyness of normal life I'm trying to get our house ready to be put on the market. It is AMAZING how much CRAP a family of 4 can accumulate in 6 years time. Imagine if we had been living here for decades worth of time! I think it would warrant hiring a professional to get through it all.

Any who, I'm trying REALLY hard to de-stash. To look at things and ask myself: When was the last time someone used this? What is the likelihood we will ever use it again? And in the case of some of those special baby clothes I've been holding on to for memory sake: Won't this better serve someone who can use it rather than spending the rest of its existence in a box?

I will admit, while I'm not one much for clutter, I do have a hard time letting things go at times. So much so that even AFTER I have gotten rid of something...after it is forever gone from my possession (whether it be into the trash or off to the thrift shop)...I wonder if letting it go was indeed the ri…

It's Your Lucky Day...

Today IS someone's lucky day as it is time to announce the winner of my Things That I Love give-away. And the winner is...

Number 5...JT!

JT wrote:
Congrats on 500 posts! I'm a fairly new visitor to your blog, I have been enjoying it the last few months.
I love...
My husband who works so hard and loves me so much. He is truly a terrific man.
My dogs who are always happy, and they rarely have cranky days (I wish I could say the same!). Happy tail wagging and that goofy doggy grin never fails to bring a smile to my face.
My cats who love to cuddle, purr, and are such good sports about the dogs who invaded their territory.
My job - working from home as a software developer doing what I love can't be beat.

Congrats JT! Email me at jmavinwellness AT iowatelecom DOT net so we can arrange delivery of your loot.

And what did JT win you ask? Well lovelies, here's the stash.

A book: This fall I ran across the fun and funky little photo site Photo Jojo. If you have a camera and you like to …

Doin' The Lefty Switch...

My friend Jen came all the way from central Nebraska this weekend to help me celebrate my birthday. In return (well, I was planning to do this eventually anyway) I decided it was time to get her started on the knitting wagon. Only I forgot that she's left handed. So we both got to learn a new skill. Here's my little left-handed knitting swatch...

I realize for those who normally knit left-handed this is no big deal. But the fact I was able to figure it out as someone who normally bats on the right side of the plate, this pleases me quite a bit.

(For those who know me I'm sure you are laughing at the baseball/softball know, since I official retired from the game after that unfortunate broken ankle batting accident. Which after looking back to link to posts about I realize I never REALLY wrote about here. things have changed around here.)

Interesting fact...when I knit right-handed I'm a thrower. When I knit left-handed I'm a picker. Which just…

Simply Perfect...

A bowl full of daisies from my lover...

A box full of origami cheer from my brother...

(They came wrapped in an old map. Double swoon.)

Lunch shared with a friend.

A mix CD made just for me.

A bottle of red wine with dinner.

A weekend visitor whose presence soothes my soul.

Learning (so I could teach said visitor) how to knit...left-handed!

A lazy, rainy Sunday to simply enjoy the after glow of it all.

A birthday weekend full of simple perfectness.

Thank-you to everyone far and near who helped celebrate MY day.


P.S. Being as I have been so wrapped up in life's goodness the past couple days and have had no time to finish getting the give-away goodies bundled together, YOU get two extra days to leave a comment on post 501. Could today be your lucky day? Best go enter and find out! I will announce a winner on Tuesday. Thank-you to all the WONDERFUL, thoughtful comments that have already been made over there on post 501! What an amazing, special group of reader friends I have gathered!!!


We have weekend guests arriving tomorrow. YAY! As is the case I've been cleaning like a mad woman...which always give me ample time to over think ponder life. Today I've been thinking through several things that while they are probably each individual post worthy, are also somewhat related. Bear with me if this gets long.

(Go ahead, make a cup of tea, grab your coffee...maybe a beer...I'll take a sip of my wine while I wait for your return.)

It is the eve of the anniversary of my birth. Tomorrow I turn 35. I can honestly say it's the first birthday I can ever remember dreading. I mean don't get me wrong...I have a great day planned. Time with my girls. Lunch with a dear friend. The arrival of another dear friend and her girlies come afternoon. I think I may even get a birthday kiss from my hubby since it sounds as though he's going to be able to leave Chicago a bit earlier than planned tomorrow. It's not the day I'm dreading, it's the number. The mark…


What better way to kick off the NEXT 500 posts but with a celebration of all the things that this blog is about!

My lovely, and often silly, girlies...

My Hawkeye loving hubby and our neurotic dog...

Our not quite as neurotic, but still quirky, elder dog...

And of course:
FriendsFamilyKnitting, quilts & craftsYOGAFoodPhotography(and photography of food)And really there's so, so, SO much more!

But let's get down to the real business of the party...give-aways!!!

First, a little something for everyone! One of our favorite weekly family traditions is Sunday morning brunch. So today I share with you our favorite gluten-free waffle recipe that has been adapted from a recipe originally found on my favorite recipe

The Mavin's Favorite Waffles - now Gluten Free:

1 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast
1 cup all purpose gluten free flour (we use a brown rice, potato starch, tapioca mix)
1 cup oat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespo…