Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lil Bits of Goodness...

  • I just finished my first of 9 weekends of a yoga teacher training program. It was grand. You can read more in my TT Diary here.
  • We ordered the girls bunk beds for their room. They arrived on Friday. The girls are sooOOoo excited. They have more room to play, spaces to call their own, and plenty of room under the frame for totes of books and Barbies. (The last detail mostly makes Mom excited.)
  • I won a blog give-a-way!!! I'm really looking forward petting my handspun yarn from Kate. She makes LOVELY yarn...and knitted things. Thanks Kate!!!
  • Yarnica came while I was gone this weekend! I realize I need to finish my lace scarf (soon...I only have enough yarn for 1 or 2 more pattern repeats), and continue working on my sweater, but I don't think I can resist casting on my mobius project today. I can't tell you anything more about it until later because it's a surprise for a reader of this here blog.
  • This here is my 499th post. Can you believe that? Seems crazy that I've rambled on and on that many time. This blog is BY FAR is the most successful journaling project I've ever attempted. And I am continually amazed that people keep reading. Thanks! I think it's only fitting that we should celebrate #500 with some give-a-way goodness. Stay tuned for the fun!



Beverly said...

Congratulations on completing your first weekend of yoga training, winning the handspun, and achieving Post #499!

Marie-Jolie said...

Sounds like a week full of joy! Congrats on the long-running blog, as well, I know just how much effort it takes to accomplish such a thing and it's no small achievement!

Looking forward to seeing you in a month... can you believe it?