Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lace Update...

After a somewhat rocky start (it took 4 COs to get things headed in the right direction) progress is being made on my lace scarf that I'm knitting for the Adventures in Lace KAL.

I was a bit worried as I got started how the design would present itself as the hand-spun yarn is pretty irregular. I've come across some VERY thin spots and have a bit of worry that they will be weak links in the finished project. Fingers crossed that's not the case!

My favorite feature of the design is the side with the "pointy things".

Actually one of the reason I love this pattern is that it's not symmetrical across the width of the scarf.

Last night, after a few busy knitless days, I sat down with Scott to watch a movie and knit only to discover I had 1 too few stitches on my needle. Come to find out I had mistakenly repeated two rows and in the process somehow dropped a stitch...I think. It took me 2 hours to tink-knit-tink-knit-scratch my head and have anxiety filled flashes of frogging my progress to this point-knit-tink-knit before I got everything squared away so that things can continue on in proper fashion. Whew! That was a close one. Needless to say after starting this project I have even MORE respect for those who choose to knit those beautiful, intricate lace shawls.

In other knitting news...I started a new Facebook page for Grinnell area yarn lovers. Whether you crochet, knit, spin or weave, become a fan and connect with other Grinnell Yarnies. I hope to be posting an informal gathering invite soon!

Brunch has been made and cleared. The house is clean for our Super Bowl guests. The chili is in the crock-pot. Which leaves me to go enjoy my tea and work on my scarf. Have I mentioned how much I love Sundays?



Jenny said...

The shawl/stole looks really good! I agree that the one pointy end makes it really stunning!

/ jenny

Laura said...

Its BEAUTIFUL, I admire your persistence!

kshotz said...

Ooh, that's lovely! Gorgeous color different from all the white and grey we're surrounded by outside right now.


Kate said...

That scarf is going to be beautiful! I agree- the asymmetry is what really makes that pattern shine. You don't see much of that in knitting patterns, and it really works here! I'm glad you're into the lace now!