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A Winner and Sock Talk...

Out of 25 unique commenters on my Knitiversary post for my first blog give-away, today's lucky winner is...

The thirteenth commenter was: polinium!

polinium said...

Happy Knitiversary!
This year I've made tons of socks, shopping bags for my mother, blankets, hats and other things I've forgotten. I'm polinium on Ravelry, but for some reason I don't keep track of my projects.
I hope you continue to be inspired by your new craft!

Congrats to polinium (I'll get in touch with you via Ravelry to get your address for mailing) and THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment and say hello and pass on your kind words. I love how something as simple as a joint appreciation for a craft can bring together total strangers in a way that doesn't feel strangerish at all!

I realized after my Mom commented on how the socks I knit her (my first finished pair...I have to say finished because remember this sock? The one that was started and frogged and re-started on longer dpns, which is now progressing along just fine...only at a VERY slow rate.) had been keeping her warm though the cold arctic blast that the Midwest has been "enjoying" the past several weeks, I've never posted about them here. I took pictures, mailed them off, and then put posting the story of their knitting on the back burner as not to ruin the surprise...and then the holidays happened.

This fall when I decided I was going to tackle socks, I ordered fingerling weight for 3 pairs thinking I'd have PLENTY of time to make 3 pairs in a little over 3 months before the holidays hit. (I often mis-calculate how much I can actually accomplish in terms of holiday crafting. What can I say...I tend to dream big.) By Thanksgiving weekend when I had all of 2 inches of my first sock knit, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to surprise my Mom with a PAIR of socks for Christmas without a change in the game plan. So while we were in KC over Thanksgiving weekend I stopped by Yarn Shop and More (which just happened to be 2 blocks from the yoga studio where I met my friend Monica for class on Black Friday morning, right by a locally owned coffee shop...good planning on our part!) in search of worsted weight yarn to knit up a pair of Peace Fleece Classic Wool Socks.

First off let me say that I totally fell in love with the shop the moment I entered the door. The walls were lined with yarn of all colors and weights and fibers. The staff were busying around with customers in the friendliest of manner. Knitters were hanging out around a big old wooden table clicking away. I had a lovely conversation with a fellow customer about yarn colors for the projects for which we were each buying yarn. I wanted to stay there ALL DAY...but alas I was needed else where that day. I WILL be returning for a visit and some knitting time the next time we are in the KC metro area!

After consulting with one of the shop's staffers about good wool or wool blend options for my socks, I settled on Perfection, a wool/acrylic blend by Kraemer Yarns in shades of my Mom's favorite color...purple. Normally I'm kinda a snob about only using natural fiber yarns, but an acrylic blend seemed like a good option for this particular project being as the socks can be machine washed. (I know...superwash wool. They just didn't have any that "spoke" to me like the Perfection colors. I'm planning to stock up on worsted superwash wool this spring when I go home to visit family and have a chance to go to the Brown Sheep Co. outlet!) By the end of the Thanksgiving weekend I had my first sock 2/3s of the way finished. Back on track for Christmas socks!

My first pair of hand knit socks!

The mis-matched stripe design has a bit of a story. I had planned to follow the pattern as far as using the contrast color for the stripes, heel, and toe but with the first sock I was so focused on getting the heel flap done correctly I forgot to change yarn colors when I started knitting that section. I didn't want to just finish out in the main color, so I decided to go funky mis-matched stripes. I think they turned out fun and am thankful my Mom likes fun and funky too!

I will admit they are not perfect. I had a major brain block about how to carry my yarns through the stripping at the top of the cuff and there's a few gappy issues at the top of the heel gusset where I picked up stitches along the sides of the heel flap. That being said...they are WAY comfortable and my Mom is actually lucky she has them as I pondered keeping them myself once I tried them on. Confession: I had never had a pair of handknit socks (or even tried any on) before I made these. I TOTALLY get it now when people say handknit socks are THE BEST. Lucky for me I miscalculated yardage in my head during my somewhat rushed time at the shop and accidentally purchased enough yarn to make TWO pairs. (Seriously, it was an accident...I was thinking yardage PER sock, not per pair. But really, who is going to list yardage per sock in a pattern...duh!)

The pancakes have been made, eaten and dishes cleared. The girls are busy setting up Polly Pocket play worlds. Scott's busying around. Sunday is just as it should be. Guess it's time for another cup of coffee and some knitting!



Marie-Jolie said…
Cute x 10 socks! I came over from Facebook thinking, "Did I win? Did I win? Did I win?" Bummer! But seriously, I think we're all winners anyway because we get to hang out here at Jenn's Spot and enjoy the fun. :) I'm going to do some evening yoga here in a minute, and I'll send a little good chi your way while I'm at it.
Anonymous said…
I actually really love the stripe pattern of those socks. Incredibly creative and cute! They've inspired me for a design I'm working on right now. Thanks!

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