Friday, January 15, 2010

The Watered Down Version...

I'm not even sure how it all started...but Tuesday night during dinner Scott, my brother and I found ourselves giving a very general lesson in genetics. Without going much into detail about the process we explained how girls have 1/2 of the "instructions" needed to grow a baby in an egg. (And yes, I used the" kinda like a chicken" analogy because how else do you explain what an egg is to an 8 and 3 year old?) We also explained that that the other 1/2 of the "instructions" come from sperm, which a boy has. There was actually no need to discuss anatomical parts and I felt like our conversation was informative, factual, but very G rated.

So imagine my shock yesterday when, as Brea and I were simply going about our day's activities, I found myself having the following conversation:

Brea: Mommy, you know that thing a Daddy has to help a Mommy make a baby?

Me: The sperm.

Brea: How does the sperm get out of the Daddy?

Me: (After a longer than normal pause as I was trying to wrap my head around the fact I was having this conversation WITH MY 3 YEAR OLD!) Well honey, it comes out a special way that you are a little to young to understand.

Brea: Is it when a Daddy hugs a Mommy?

Me: Well...sorta.

Brea: Oh. Cause when I grow up and marry a MAN (I would love to know why her little 3 year old brain felt the need to emphasize the word MAN) and I get a baby in my tummy then I'm going to the doctor. Mommy, how does the doctor help a Mommy have a baby?

Me: (Glad we skirted around the sex talk to the more innocent birthing a baby explanation.) The doctor just helps to make sure the baby comes out of the Mommy's tummy safely and makes sure it is healthy.

Brea: Did a doctor help you get me and Lexi out of your tummy?

Me: Yes.

Brea: Was Daddy there too?

Me: Yes, he was in the room when both of you were born.

Brea: But sissy was at Aunt Pammy's when I was born right?

Me: Yep. Hey, what do you think you would like to have for lunch?

Brea: Ummm let me think...

End of the 3 year old version of The Birds and The Bees talk. Sometimes I think that girl is WAY too smart for her own good!

I have a feeling the next time I need to have that talk with one of the girls it won't be quite so watered down...or quite so easy!



Kate said...

OH my Jenn! You handled that perfectly! I think that's what makes me nervous about having children- they come to you for the answers! I think it's important to give kids the right information, but how the hell do you do that?! How do you edit in an appropriate way? Phew- it makes me a little hesitant to have kids!

Marie-Jolie said...

Birds and the bees... good times!