Thursday, January 14, 2010

Making a Difference...

Once again I am amazed at how something as simply, and to some as trivial, as blogging can make a big impact on the world through the communities of individuals that come together through common bonds. I had no idea when I started talking about my knitting on this here blog a year ago that I would connect with so many other knitters out. I'm so thankful that has been the case!

Following the Haitian earthquake, the knitting blogging community got busy doing what they do best...sending up the signal (as Stephanie did on Yarn Harlot to round up Knitters Without Borders) for us to come together as a community to provide those in need with comfort. In this case rather than knitting up prayer shawls or wool socks or snuggle blankets, the call went out to support the organizations who are providing relief services to the affected areas. In my case I'm choosing to mention two very well known and highly respected organizations making a difference in Haiti today:
As many others have pointed out, just as each small stitch is needed to create a whole knitted item , each of us can play an important part in helping with the relief efforts. It took only 5 minutes of my time this morning to make a donation to the organization of my choice. I hope that you take the time to join your stitch with mine by making a donation to the organization of your choice (if you haven't already done so). One stitch at a time we can help to provide some comfort during this great time of need.

My heart goes out to the mothers and fathers, children and siblings, friends and family who today (and for many days to come) are dealing with trauma and loss far greater than many of us will ever experience in our very blessed lives. Many thanks to the men and women who are working to provide medical care to the wounded, grief care to the many who have lost loved ones, and food and shelter to those who have lost their homes. It is often in our times of greatest need that we are reminded of our collective responsibility (as human beings) for the care and well-being of ALL our neighbors...near or far, friend or foe.


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artohline said...

Beautifully stated. It is truly inspiring to see how the knitting community (as well as many other communities) has come together through this.