Friday, January 1, 2010

Lexi's First Sewing Project...

Shortly after I got my new sewing machine, Lexi started asking if I could teach her how to sew. I agreed that during winter break we would tackle a project. After a bit of discussion we decided to make a bag for the Nintendo DS she received for Christmas.

Yesterday we headed to the quilt shop so that she could pick out her fabrics. She was actually surprised that we were getting new fabric, and honestly we could have easily made this project from my stash, but being her first project I wanted to make it a little extra special. I think she was a little overwhelmed at first by the fabric selection process. We had decided to make a messenger style bag and had talked about how many different fabrics she could potentially use. She finally decided on 3 different blue/purple batiks for the outside panels and a lighter batik with a fun swirly pattern for the inside lining.

After doing a little design planning I set up Lexi at the machine to practice her seams while I cut all the pieces we would need to put her bag together. (I wasn't quite ready to let her try using a rotary cutter!) Having speed control on my new machine was so helpful for this learning experience.

Once she was comfortable with sewing a basic straight seam I put her to work seaming the handles and the front and back panels. She would sew and then I would iron, fit some batting for padding (which I fused into place with this cool no paper fusing web we have at the shop called Mistyfuse) and pin the next piece for Lexi to sew. When we got to the point of top stitching the handle strip I let her pick a decorative stitch and she very patiently stitched the length...twice.

Once we had all the pieces ready for construction I took over the sewing which included my first button hole experience. Thank goodness for that automatic button hole feature! Our finished bag is awfully cute if I do say so myself. We included a padded pocket for the DS console, a "roomie" pocket for the AC adapter, and a pocket on the inside of the flap for game cartridges.

The combination of fabrics and Lexi's choice of thread and embellishment stitches give it so much character.

We ended up needing to extend our original handle length just a bit, which gave us the opportunity to bring just a little bit of the inside fabric to the outside.

Lexi did a great job and it was fun to tackle our first joint project. I imagine it will be the first of many to least I hope so!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Lexi you did a great job on your bag.

One cool girl (grandaughter)!

Grandpa Bob.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed and my palms still sweat at the thot of sewing. You GO GIRL!

Carol said...

Oh that was me, Lexi. Aunt Carol