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(Hint: Make sure you read all the way to the end for a chance to celebrate this milestone occasion with me!)

Ringing in 2010 had a little extra special meaning to marked my 1st Knitiversary! (Remember this post?) Ironically I celebrated my 1st Knitiversary without any knitting. We actually got social for NYE this year and by the time we made it back home to PJ the girls and watch the big ball drop in Times Square (on New York time mind you), I was too tired to pick up the needles.

It feels kinda funny to be able to pin point when exactly I started a specific hobby. I learned to sew as a kid, watching as my mom made any number of items...quilts, clothes, curtains, etc. My interest in photography goes back to when I was about 5 and spent time with my Dad in the little dark room he had set up in our basement bathroom. Even the start of my yoga practice is hard to pin point to any more specific time than "sometime in the later part of 1999". And I guess if it wasn't for the fact that the day I decided to start knitting coincided with an existing holiday, years down the road I might not remember my exact Knitiversary either. But that's not the let's celebrate!

Over the past year I have finished:
  • 8 1/2 pairs of fingerless mitts/hand-warmers (1 was a prototype that has yet to get a mate.)
  • 2 hats
  • 1 bag/tote
  • 1 pair of socks (worsted weight)
  • 1 neck warmer/cowl
  • 1 coffee cup sleeve/cozy
  • 1 mitten (The second has been put on hold until I decide how I'm going to fix what I don't like about the first.)
Currently on my needles, waiting to be finished, are:
  • a sock (fingerling weight...started before the pair above...sigh)
  • a pot holder for felting
In my yarn stash waiting to be cast on is yarn for:
  • a hat
  • 2 more pairs of fingerless mitts (requested by friends/family)
  • 2 pot holders for felting to make a set of 3 out of the 1 currently on the needles
  • a lacy scarf (My first adventure in lace knitting.)
  • more socks
  • and a number of balls/hanks waiting for a specific assignment
Things I've learned over the past year:
  • How to: knit, purl, increase, decrease, YO, cable, change yarns for color variation and how to cast off 2 different ways depending on how stretchy I need the cast off edge to be.
  • I prefer knitting in the round, on double points, to knitting flat.
  • I tend to be drawn to projects that use needles in sizes 3-7. (Smaller needles means I have little chance of finishing a project in any reasonable amount of time. Bigger needles knit up projects quickly but I'm not a big fan of chunky knits.)
  • My favorite needles are wooden. My least favorite are metal.
  • I hold my working yarn as a "thrower" rather than a "picker". (Which means I have little to no hope of ever becoming a speed knitter. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly some people can finish up even sizable projects!)
  • I need a bigger library space.
  • Ravelry rocks!
  • There are a lot of knitting quilters, and vice-versa. YEA!
It has been a lovely year of learning and creating. I'm looking forward to many more!

To help celebrate this milestone occasion...and because I've always wanted to be cool like those bloggers who get stuff from retailers to review and give away to readers...I'm holding my first blog give away!

Over the past year I have fell in love with, and have been infinitely inspired by, Leigh Radford's designs and books. So I felt it was only appropriate to give away a copy of Leigh's newest book, One More Skein.

Additionally the lucky winner of this give away will receive a mystery skein of yarn with his/her new book. (I thought "mystery skei"n sounded much more enticing than "yet to be determined skein"...though I think it's safe to say it will be soft, made of natural fibers, and delicious.)

So how do you enter to win?

Leave a comment on this post by mid-night on Saturday, January 9th and share what crafty projects have been helping to feed your soul through the past year. Be sure that you include in your comment a way for me to contact you should you be the lucky winner. Through the magic of a random number generator, I will pick a winner next Sunday, January 10th. (Which will of course be announced here.)

* Please note, this give away is limited to mailing addresses in the continental United States.

Thank you so much for sharing the past year of knitting (quilting/family life/random everything else) adventures with me!



Marie-Jolie said…
Woot woot! Love a good giveaway. Sounds like you've had a rocking year of knitting adventures, and this new year will surely bring more!
Anonymous said…
I too am a new knitter...although not nearly as accomplished as you are craftwise. I haven't done anything fiber related since home ec in 8th grade! I finished a scarf and 3 hats (one was way to0 small for my daughter) I currently am working on a felted bag....I would like a scarf for myself and also maybe to do a sweater! I have recently disovered ravelry and I'm loving it too! Love the idea of a giveaway! Thanks for a wonderful blog...I enjoyed it!
Sherri said…
I'm am impressed with all the projects you started (and completed) in your first year! Wow!I learned to sew and crochet from my Grandmother, but I was never able to learn the "mystery" of knitting from her. (Not her fault!)So one year a few years ago I decided I WAS going to learn, and Idid. The internet was a HUGE help. I find I get more enjoyment out of knitting something special for someone else.I am also more likely to finish it, lol. And finding soft smooshy yarn - right?
Carol said…
Welcome, Jenn, to the crazy, crazy world of knitting. You are officially a knitter when a)you have more than one project on the needles at a time, b) at least one lone sock or mitten, and c) a stash of uncommitted yarn!

Knitting is such a blessing to me. This past year, I've completed at least 7 pairs of socks, numerous wraps, several sweaters and misc. stuff. Can't stop!
Anonymous said…
Great list of accomplishments, Jenn! Isn't it nice to be able to knit stuff for your friends, family and yourself? I love the sense of accomplishment. I re-started my knitting after a long hiatus and am having a great time.

Just checked more posts on your blog - your christmas photos are great!


(Anonymous because I don't remember my google account info because I never blog. )
Anonymous said…
Wow!! A Knitiversary!! How cool! You have been very busy knitting this year. Lost of FO's!
This year I enjoyed my first Odd Duck Swap, themed Dr. Seuss. Having a theme really inspired me to try new things. I learned how to magic loop knit socks this year, so now I am moving on to 2-at-a-time Magic Loop socks this New Year. :) I'm a big Spinner, so for the first time I had someone take my yarn and had it turned into a hat. It came out beautifully!!
This is a great way to Celebrate!!
susitravl said…
I have gotten away from my crafty projects after my husband and kids made fun of me for crocheting (they said) "like an old lady". Well - I am going to do it anyway in 2010, and I am going to teach myself (ha - with the help of books and videos, I'm sure) how to knit. Congratulations on all your projects.
Meli said…
Oh what an exciting blog post! I just passed my 1st Knitiversary on NYE as well and like you didn't knit a thing to mark the occasion. I was instead working, to purchase more yarn of course!

Since learning to knit last year I've not completed much. In fact the 1st scarf is still on the needles, but that's because the yarn turns my fingers black like when you read a newspaper. Yuck! Someday I will finish. I have completed one beautiful alpaca scarf for my best friend, I think I blogged about it back in Nov when I started. I did in fact finish in time to mail it for Christmas which was an amazing feeling. There is nothing more wonderful than making something from the heart that your best friend can wear as a reminder of your friendship. And now I just can't stop the knitting. I've started two more scarves and have a set of beer koozies that need some final detail before they become belated Christmas gifts! I am so very excited. I'm also glad to have found your blog in this past year!
Meli said…
oops I totally forgot to leave my info, I was so excited about your projects and just rambling along like an idiot!

Anonymous said…
Three years or so ago I learned to knit scarfs and went crazy for a couple of months then gave up until recently. Around August this last year I decided to try out hats and scarfs and now I am hooked I have completed 3 pairs of socks (although the first pair does not come close to matching and one of the socks looks like it was custom knit for a duck foot) and several hats for my boy. I have now learned the magic loop method of 2 socks at a time and I love it. Projects in the near future - finish cable knit hat, start chunky cowl, start my first sweater and of course lots more socks.
Thanks for the inspiration,
Mariah said…
What a list of accomplishments, especially for a first year knitter! Congrats on your anniversary!

This past year I have been both inspired and disheartened by my Irish Diamond Shawl. Most recently it's been on the negative side as I ripped more than 20 inches of lace.

I've been insipired through socks, a sweater and booties for my yet-to-be-born third child, and for friends I've met through ravelry. The year 2009 was one for the process knitter in me.

mariah [dot] oliver [at] gmail [dot] com.
kshotz said…
Congratulations on your Knitiversary! I've been intrigued with knitted warm neckwear the past few weeks. (I wonder why with the frigid temps here in Iowa!?!) I found the cowl I did over the weekend is warmer than any of my scarves, and lighter weight, which makes wearing it nice. (Also, I love alpaca! So soft!!)

Happy knitting!

Anonymous said…
I love quilter/knitters. I have quilted for 12 years and knit for 4. I love knitting and find it easier to work on with little ones since it is much more portable. To feed my spirit I worked on an afghan last year. I hope to finish it this year but it is like a good friend there when you need some comfort and ease. I will miss it when it is finished.
polinium said…
Happy Knitiversary!
This year I've made tons of socks, shopping bags for my mother, blankets, hats and other things I've forgotten. I'm polinium on Ravelry, but for some reason I don't keep track of my projects.
I hope you continue to be inspired by your new craft!
Alchemy said…
Well done! Well done! In my first year I'd made a loved but terribly seamed sweater for me and part of another for a soon-to-be-ex boyfriend. I've loved the fingerless mitts this year, too. And Marie Mayhew felted patterns. Cheers! Diane
JenB said…
Wow, you have had a productive year! How fun to see the list of all your projects in one place! I am jealous of your accomplishments.

My crafting this year has been somewhat scarce, but I go back to sewing or quilting again and again as my escape from reality At least whenever I feel inspired to venture in the sewing room, that is!

Thanks for sharing your life on this blog!
Kate said…
Jenn! I guess I missed your moving post when my Internet was down- it's good to have found your blog! I thought you had disappeared!

I hope all is well, take care!
TheaMidnight said…
Awesome past year of knitting! Woo Hoo for a knitiversary! I have had a great year of knitting too. I helped my LYS design part of an afghan for everyone to knit and I fell in love with colorwork. Working with two colors at once is so fun and interesting to me. Just the zen time I need!
Always nice to read your tweets!
Megan Y. (Rav: Fizix) said…
I started off crocheting some 7 years ago. Have been knitting for 1 year. Both hobbies have kept me sane! I can't decide which one I like more.

Sounds like you've done a great job over the past year!
Brenda said…
Can't wait to see what your 2nd year has in store for you!! I'm obsessed with knitting and crocheting, and as other's have said, it keeps me sane!! Good luck on your ventures into knitting in the year to come!
~Pink~Doberman~ said…
Hey Jen, I once again have been inspired by you. I can't wait to learn to knit. My mom did before I was born. This year is the year for me.

I however have been busy this year. Making the all familiar glove animal. Painting toilet paper roll flowers. Repairing and redoing scads of clothes. Working on finishing my first quilt project.. still not finished. Sorting my old jewlery stash and making some bead items. Making placemats, cutting out pieces for my hubbies next teeshirt quilt, and have just finished several small sketches. Phew! What a year.

I however want to knit myself some cool socks. So I will be learning to knit! I love your inspiring projects!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Knitiversary!!! I love your blog!

My mom was the fastest and most prolific knitter I've known. In our teen years, my sister and I would ask for a sweater early in the week for a date on Saturday. She always had it ready and never seemed to mind. Mom taught me to knit and crochet sometime before I was eight. I made drawstring pouches and Barbie clothes. I let it go for many years until she got ill then took up knitting while keeping her company. She died two years ago and I couldn't bear to knit for that year.

I have begun knitting again this year in remembrance. It helps me feel close to her. Mostly I've made hats, scarves and fingerless mitts--nothing complicated! I use from my inherited stash every chance I get. I know Mom would be tickled!
l.higgins (at)
Lora said…
I am also a new knitter, I started in November of 2008 and also learned via tutorials on the internet. Most of my knitting has been done as gifts for family members, there is something so cool about making something for someone else. My projects over the last year are: 2 putter covers, 6 scarves, 1 hat, 4 coasters, 2 dishcloths, 2 washcloths, and I'm almost done with my very first pair of socks (I'm doing Marie-Jolie's sock knit-a-long - it's awesome). my email is Happy Knitiversary!!
barbaramaarit said…
Generous Jenn,

2009 was a great year for knitting. I've knit many things. The ones that gave me the greatest pleasure: a sweater and matching hat for a newborn girl to wear home from the hospital, a vest for a little boy I love, two felted bags for a friend who made me a beautiful quilt, a pair of beautiful gloves for me out of Noro, and a red felted hat.

Right now I am working on a pair of gloves to match the hat and a cardigan sweater for myself.

Next in line: 2 warm wool sweaters, one for each daughter. And then I will knit myself a coat out of yarn that I bought as a Christmas present to myself.
cpganz said…
Your crafting and blog are amazing. You've learned to do so much in just a year. I've been knitting for awhile now but 2009 was a landmark year. I knit a lace shawl. Knit socks for a good many of my friends. And best of all learned to spin wool!

Thanks for sharing. Love that you are a yogini too.
Anonymous said…
YOur first pair of socks keep me warm and the strips make me smile. I have been to Browns Wool twice this week. Will start a scarf on MONday. LOoks like we all have fun knitting from reading the comments. LOVes MOM
Anonymous said…
That's really cool to be able to pinpoint the start of your knitting adventure. That's something I've been thinking about a lot recently, and I have no idea when I started, except maybe to within 2-3 years.
Also, you've gotten an awful lot done in this first year of yours. Congrats! (and too bad I didn't discover your blog until right after the giveaway. Oh well, I enjoy your blog anyway!)

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