Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day Project...

My quilt top is done! What a lovely snow day project. I've had this design rolling around in my head for about 3 weeks and "Iowadeathstorm09" (as it has been labeled on Twitter) provided me a reason not to leave the house today (actually it took away the ABILITY to leave the house today), which meant plenty of time to sew. I present to you...

"Lost in the Twilight"

It measures about 55" x 75" unfinished. The blocks are 12 inches finished and were pieced from batiks. The whole cloth section is a Robert Kaufman print from the Fusions Collection.

The title, based on my color scheme more so than the design, might need some explaining. At the risk of having a bunch of eyes rolled at me, here goes.

Often when I fall in love with a book (or series of books) it's as much for the images they help paint in my mind as much as the story. Angsty teenage love-lust and vampire lore aside, I was totally engrossed when I read the Twilight Series books because of the imagery. The rich, dark wooded forest. The shades of amber to dark brown of Edward's eyes against the creamy lightness of his skin. The warm red of "life giving" blood. What better way to bring those images to life than with a quilt under which I can snuggle to read! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to design all my future quilts on imagery created by reading a book? Hmm...

The design was actually inspired by all of the great contemporary quilts I've seen splashing around these days. Between Flickr; my favorite quilt blog, Crazy Mom Quilts; a new book I picked up at the shop a few weeks ago, Cozy Modern Quilts; AND working at the shop surrounded by so many contemporary fabrics, how can I NOT be inspired to sew more?!

Contemporary quilt designs very often lean towards simple. Which in my world translates to doable. Between big blocks and large areas of whole cloth, they allow for a little bit of tradition to mix with more modern design. And it doesn't mean having to cut a gazillion little pieces just so you can turn around and sew them back together again. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE old quilts with lots of little pieces. But at this point in my life, I'm just not patient enough MYSELF to actually put together a quilt like that. Which for years has meant I haven't been quilting at all. Which is just sad and wrong.

Being that the quilt is considered "lap quilt" sized also adds a plus in the doable category. I mean, who doesn't need a few quilts around the house just the right size for snuggling on the couch with a cup of java and a good read...or while knitting.

The only problem...

In the past 6 months I have now finished TWO (the other being this one) quilt TOPS. Both which need quilting before they can be functional. The quilting part...not so much my favorite step in the process. The good news is I have ideas for how I want to quilt both of I just have to DO IT!

We got word that local schools will be closed again tomorrow and I will simply have to wait to see if I can make it out to teach the classes for which I am scheduled. To bad I don't have batting and enough fabric for backing on hand...or who knows what could happen if I'm "stuck" at home for another full day.


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Marie-Jolie said...

OOh, I love it, Jenn! What a great interpretation.