Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hugs. Laughter. Good food. Coffee. Laughter. Fun. Books. Hugs. Beer. Shopping. Laughter. Gellato. Art. Wine. Gifts. Hugs. Laughter. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Comfortable silence.

And silly fleece socks...

That's what it's all about when the sisters get together.

(Side note: Yes, I did make these socks. And yes I have been dying to tell you about them blog land, but I had to keep the secret until they had been unwrapped. Aren't they cool? And warm. And they make me think of Muppet feet, or what I imagine Muppet feet look like, which makes me laugh. Kinda like time with the sisters. Happy. Just happy. Any who, I made up the pattern myself after consulting a few resources on the net. And I LOVE them. Sewing them is way about an immediate gratification project! And since I'm a super slow sock knitter...thank goodness I can sew up a pair of these babies in about 30 minutes! Socks anyone?)



kshotz said...

Those socks are WAAY fun!! By the looks of the happy toes, a good time was had by all.

Have a wonderful New Year!


Marie-Jolie said...

Oh yay! I love these. :) What a fun project. And how awesome to share them with your sisters!