Friday, December 11, 2009

Simple or Simply Boring?

Last night, as I sat snuggled in bed knitting next to Scott who was snuggled in bed TEN TILL NINE. I turned to Scott and commented sarcastically:

"I think this right here puts us right at the top of the most exciting 30-somethings EVER list."

We laughed about how hard it is fighting off the paparazzi each morning as they wait to capture what trend setting thing we will do next.

And then we went back to quietly knitting and reading.

I love that our life is simple. After all, isn't that why we decided to settle in small town Iowa to raise our family?

Maybe it's just the time of year. The cold temps. The snowy days. The shortened hours of sunlight. Or the reading of other people's Facebook statuses and Twitter updates and blog posts centered around this holiday gatherings and plans. I'm sure it's a bit about missing MY extended family (especially my Mom) and my dear friends far away with whom I wish I could toast a glass of holiday wine in the coming weeks. Maybe it's the fact that the couple of couples with whom we as a couple enjoy socializing, live 45 miles away which means gatherings through the winter are much less likely thanks to mid-western weather. (Seriously, what is it about us that makes finding couples with whom we BOTH get along so hard? It seems silly to have the "his friends", "her friends" lists around who the "other" feels somewhat uncomfortable after almost 15 years of marriage.)

Whatever it is, I find myself a little sad today about the lack of engagements on our social calendar. At the same time I am thankful that we don't have to try to "fit it all in" since I already feel a bit overwhelmed about the few "extra" things that need to be accomplished in the next 14 days. It's an evil play of opposites...wanting to be more social while possessing a personality that tends to prefer a more quiet, introverted life.

An evil play of I think I will go ponder while quietly knitting.



Carol said...

Ah, sounds like contentment at the Mavin home. That's a good thing.

Marie-Jolie said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I came by. :)

s said...

I totally here you on the couples friends thing. It's the same way for us in Ames...most of the people we work with are single. You should see us at the dog park, trying to make friends there :)

Sara said...

I can totally relate ~ on all accounts ~ friends, quiet unsocial evenings, early bedtimes, and hobbies that aren't quite 30-something! Wish we could enjoy that glass of wine ~ mine white and yours red!