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A Little Bit of Everything...

I have so much I want to share today...

First, a couple of words of thanks.

I was amazed (and deeply honored once the shock wore off) to learn that Roseanne over at it's all yoga, baby included one of my posts here in her review of her top 15 yoga blog posts of 2009. Roseanne, if Canada wasn't so far to travel, I'd run over and give you a big hug of thanks. I have a feeling the two of use could find a lot to chat about over a cup of coffee. (It might take several before we run out of things to talk about.) The other thing I love about reviews such as Roseanne''s a good way to learn about other blogs out there in the expanse of the WWW that I might enjoy reading. (Does Google Reader have a subscription limit?)

Secondly, thanks for everyone who has offered up words of support and encouragement after my last post. I don't have much in the way of an update on how things are going, but my thoughts have been busy processing it all in the quietness of my mind. For many reasons I think that's where I'm going to keep things tucked away for a bit.

And finally, due to the lack of knitted posts lately one might assume there is not much knitting going on around here. On the contrary...MUCH knitting has been going on, but photographing of said knitting has not. And let's face it, sharing knitting in word's just isn't as fun as sharing knitting in pictures. So for now I thought I'd share this lovely high quality web cam photo of my new button tab hat.

I actually finished this a few weeks ago, but awaking to our first "real" snow this morning has given me reason to add it to my "leaving the house" attire. The pattern is a free design I found on Ravelry by ilikelemons (it's also available on her blog). The yarn is a natural tweed by Araucania Yarns that I splurged on (at $17 a hank it was a definitely a splurge for me) because once I picked it up...I simply couldn't put it down! With a fiber content of 30% Alpaca, 45% Merino, 15% Silk, and 10% of those little Donegal's as soft as a baby bunny. A new born kitten. A duckling...well, you get the picture. It's SOFT.

While the pattern is super simple I had a few bumps in the road to finishing this. First I mis-read the pattern and got nervous I wasn't going to have enough yardage to finish. (Because you know being "splurge yarn" meant I only bought one hank.) So I ripped back a bit to start my decreases early. After finishing all the way to the crown but BEFORE I cut the yarn I decided I should make sure it fit...and it was too short. So I ripped back to the row before the start of the decreases and re-knit what I had ripped out the first time before once again finishing the crown. I learned several things making this hat...including the fact that "hairy" yarn isn't as easy to work with in the reverse direction and one should not wear black when knitting with a "hairy" white yarn. Even with the bumps in the road, I'm quitepleased with my new winter accessory.

In case you were wondering, my worry about running out of yarn...



Marie-Jolie said…
Three cheers for a lovely hat (and just in time for snow)!!! We've been bombarded with non-stop snow here, and thus I'm digging out every knitted thing I can find and piling it all on. If only I'd thought to knit myself some long johns!

Glad you are doing better. :)
Meli said…
That yarn looks so soft even in the picture!
roseanne said…
yaaay! if you ever find yourself in montreal, we must book several hours for a coffee and chat. i think we would have loads to talk about, with our mutual love of yoga, knitting and the internet.

the hat is beautiful, and so is that soft fuzzy ball of wool. thanks so much for sharing your projects!

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