Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Wishes...

Last year instead of sending out holiday cards we decided to try something new...sending you our holiday greetings online through this here blog. It's economical, ecological, efficient...and honestly I share a lot more about our year than if we mailed a holiday card.

So without further ado, 2009 in review!

2009 continued to be a year about change and growth for our family. Brea, being 3, does nothing but grow! She's grown both in size and in knowledge so much this year. She can sing her ABCs, recognizes most letter and numbers by sight, and has developed quite the vocabulary. She is a ray of sunshine and brings a smile to every one's face with whom she interacts. While she enjoys accompanying me around to my various engagements during the day, she'll be the first one to tell you how much she is looking forward to starting pre-school next fall.

Lexi has matured so much through 2009 it often makes us stop and take a double take. She loves 2nd grade and even though she will tell you her favorite subject is math, it is a love of reading that often keeps her busy at home. She reads to herself. She reads to her little sister. She reads picture books. She reads chapter books. She reads! Lexi enjoys watching me craft and earlier this year talked me into teaching her how to knit. She is working away on a basic, blue (her new favorite color) garter stitch scarf and has made me promise to teach her how to sew during her winter break from school. She has very much enjoyed the camera she received for her birthday. Her current aspirations for What I want to be when I grow up: a veterinarian and wildlife photographer. Given her love for animals, her compassionate spirit, and her natural creative tendencies it all makes perfect sense to me.

The most exciting change for our family this year has been career growth for Scott. The unexpected challenges of the past 2 years have provided him with a chance to really evaluate where his professional interests lie and how best to use both his educational/experiential background and his personal strengths. At the beginning of November he moved into the position of Benefits Administrator in the Human Resources office at Titan Tire Corporation. He enjoys getting to dabble in all aspects of Human Resources (not just benefits administration) and working with the diverse employee population. A side a small world kind of way...Titan Tire was formerly Armstrong Tire, the company from with Scott's Grandpa Mavin retired after many, many years of service.

As for me, well, you read the blog right? I stay busy with teaching yoga, working for the quilt shop, knitting, sewing, photo taking, and in general living a simple blessed life.

It looks as if Mother Nature is making sure we will have a white Christmas here in central Iowa. We are looking forward to spending a quite holiday weekend with family and friends celebrating good food, good fortune, and lots of love.

We wish you much love, peace, and happiness this holiday season and a healthy, prosperous New Year!



Pam said...

Thanks for the holiday greetings and the pictures of the girls were great snow does make a good background for Christmas cards especially to those who live where there is no snow. Best of holidays to the four of you and will see you the 27th at Higgy Christmas if not before....Love Pam

mames said...

hi jenn, just anted to say thanks for sharing your ER story and sending O well wishes. he is doing just fine. looks like you are having a great holiday, enjoy the snow! :) amiee

Marie-Jolie said...

Happy holidays to you, too! What darling little girls you have. :) I look forward to getting to meet you in real life this spring!

barbaramaarit said...

I have a wonderful friend and former co-worker who lives in Anchorage, AK. Kim has a blog called "The Mommy Machine." I think you'd enjoy reading it.

She and her husband Derek, a doctor, have four girls, 11, 9, and 3 1/2 year old twins. Yes, twins. Imagine two Breas (? spelling).

Kim headlines her blog "living a busy, but simple life in Alaska." I think you two have much in common and you would enjoy reading "The Mommy Machine."

Back when Kim worked for me she was just married and just graduated from college. She had been my husband's student and she was once Miss Alaska. She also was a dancer. I don't know if she still dances. She probably doesn't have time.

I visited the family two and a half years ago, the last time we were in Alaska. The twins were just one year old then and their dad had them in matching highchairs and was feeding them. One spoonful for you, one spoonful for you. It was sweet.

Check out Kim's blog. Let me know if you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to your cute family. May 2010 bless you all immensely!