Thursday, November 5, 2009


What is Yarnica you ask?

Well, last year, after receiving my first yarn order from Knit Picks, I decided to declare yarn delivery days as their own holiday...and Yarnica was born! The cool think about can happen several times a year, at any time. Celebration is not tied to a month, a day, a date...budget allowing you could celebrate Yarnica every week if you wanted. (OK, that might be a little over the top....maybe.)

Some of this yarn is bound for Christmas gifts so I can't really reveal it's envisioned purpose yet. (That is, my PLAN is to use it for Christmas gifts...we'll see if I can successfully knit that much with only the 7 weeks or so that is left before the big day!)

I'm guess you knitters out there can make a guess at what some of that fabulous wooliness is destined to become...

Aren't they pretty? (And so tiny. Yikes!!!)

I have a hard time ordering yarn without a book...or two. My picks this time did not disappoint. I'll post some reviews in the coming this point let me just say I think either would make a fine gift for a knitter in you life this holiday season. (You know, in case you're planning to knit more yardage than humanly possible between now and then and just don't have time to get it all. OR if you knot a knitter, much like myself, who just can't seem to ever have a big enough library.)



Jen said...

Yarnica - hysterical! That is my new favorite holiday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had Yarnica at my house today - fun fun!! Your Mom just got here - let the fun begin - I am SO ready for retreat!!

Kate said...

Yarnica- I love it! Is that the new City Tweed? If so, I'd love to know what you think of it! Congrats on all the new yarn! It's so fun to have a new little pile of fiber to admire!