Saturday, November 7, 2009

Substitution Saturday...

I missed posting for Fab Friday.

But I have a perfectly acceptable excuse.

I was too busy having fun with these two...

And what a great day we did have! Slept in a bit. (No school for my oldest thanks to parent-teacher conferences.) Yoga with my lovely senior class. Then BEAUTIFUL weather meant we could enjoy traveling by foot all around downtown. We visited our NEW AMAZING community library. Followed by a stop at our favorite coffee shop for milk, biscotti, and a latte. The girls read their books while I worked on some webby stuff for the quilt shop. After some lunch at home and play time over at a neighbor's, said neighbor asked if we would join them at the park...and how could we not. My hubby got to leave work early on his last day (new job starts bright and early Monday morning) which meant he got to spend a little time enjoying the nice weather too before we all went out to celebrate his great new change at our favorite local deli and pub. A family movie, Disneynature's earth, drew the day to a close...and gave me time to knit on my newly cast on sock! (I can hardly believe I am making a sock. OK...hopefully a pair, but you gotta start with one, right?)

A fabulously fun Friday it was!



Kate said...

That sounds like a lovely day! It seems like, from what you have posted, that both you and your husband are both heading in new directions in terms of employment. That must be really nice, to be able to be going through changes at the same time! I'm really excited for you and the quilting shop blog. It sounds like a great job!

Meli said...

Good luck with the sock(s)!
I just washed a pair my friend knitted for me, kinda smelled like rotten eggs, but I think it was just the water at that moment in time.

Marie-Jolie said...

Libraries, yoga, coffee shops, family... pretty much the summary of the best life has to offer, if you ask me. Sounds like a lovely time!

p.s. I really do mean to write you back after your last email. It's just been a busy week. :)