Friday, October 9, 2009

LOVEly Colors...

Inspired by a cute Valentine idea given to the girls last February from our friends in Ord and an overflowing bucket of crayons, we have been making LOVEly colors this week. It's a great way to make worn down crayons "new" again and the girls love having a crafty project with which they can help.

First we peel crayons. And peel crayons. And PEEL crayons. (I'm pretty sure those papers are better wrapped these days because I remember crayon paper practically falling off when I was a kid.) I am amazed at how long Brea can sit and do nothing but peel crayons. She can often outlast me!

Once the crayons are peeled, we break them up to fit in the molds.

After a short time in the oven melting, followed by a thorough cooling on the counter, we get these...

See, aren't they lovely?

Making them is kinda addictive...and we have A LOT of crayons left, which means we can melt to our hearts content. (Hahaha...) I actually bagged some up with cute little labels and took them down to see if we could sell a few at the local crafter's consignment shop. At $3 a bag I thought they might appeal to a few grandma's looking for goodies for their little sweeties. And if they do, maybe we can go enjoy a sweet treat to reward all our peeling.


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Anonymous said...

Love these LOVEly Colors, of course, cuz I'm a grandma. Another crafty idea out of Iowa!