Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lexi's Nebraska Adventure...

Lexi wrote an essay for a contest sponsored by Subway and National Geographic this past week. She walked it to the post office window herself on Saturday to make sure it got postmarked on time. In 100 words (or less) she was to tell about her favorite adventure, past or future. She choose to write about her and Scott's trip to the Scotts Bluff National Monument last March when we visited my Mom over spring break. As always she did a wonderful job, taking care to re-write a nice copy from her first rough draft on which I corrected a few misspelled words. (She doesn't have many of those these days!)

Grand prize in the contest is a family vacation (for 4...lucky for us we only number would suck to draw straws to see who had to stay home) to ALASKA! We're not holding our breath in wait...but we did have fun at the dinner table talking about what it would be like IF we were to win. Such imaginations those girls of ours have!


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Anonymous said...

Good luck, Lexi. You picked a great spot to write about!