Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulously Fun Friday...

This week has been full of new adventures and surprises and good news (that I can't actually share until later next week), and at this moment I am totally crashing from it all. I have been so focused on my little web redesign project over here, and my new blogging adventure over here (and playing on Photoshop creating graphics for it all), that I haven't had much time or energy devoted to thinking about posts here or here. And honestly, I'm a bit burnt out on the web at the moment.

So this afternoon after I wash the dishes that have been left neglected in the kitchen sink and vacuum the dog hair covered floor, I'm going to pick up my equally neglected knitting needles to cast on a new project...and possibly sneak in a nap.

For now, dear readers, let me leave you with a little taste of Iowa fall. Our trees and bushes are a glow with color thanks to the recent cooler temps and yesterday's rain made everything POP!

I love fall...and as I look at the window today at the bright orange maple in our back yard, the fire red bush over at our neighbors, or the lovely soft green moss on the bark ofthe big old tree closest to our house...there really is no question as to why.



sheree said...

Oooo I love that second photo of the yellow/black. I'm in So.Cal and we have NOTHING like Fall colors....right now it's a ridiculous 85F and I"m wearing shorts. But I guess I won't be complaining come December and January! LOL

Kate said...

That yellow is amazing! I want to come and hang out in Iowa in the autumn- it looks great! I hope you had a great afternoon relaxing and (hopefully!) napping! Take care!