Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulously Fun Friday...

Today's Fab Fun Friday is brought to you by Danbo.

Who is Danbo you ask?

This is Danbo...

Apparently Danbo (aka Danboard) is a character from the popular Japanese series Yotsuba&!. (Sometimes not having cable puts us a little behind the times, and having not really gotten into the Japanese anime scene would be one of those areas in which we are totally out of the loop.) Amazon Japan latched onto Danbo and wide stardom for a little robot made out of boxes.

I love pretty pictures and so last week sometime I added a Flickr gadget to my iGoogle page. What could be more fun than a rotating collage of the day's top interesting photos? I often find myself memorized by the beauty.

One day several of the tiny boxes featured this photo. (Sorry, couldn't include it know, being write protected and all.) Over the next several days I started to notice more photos of this cute little box robot. And thanks to the creative minds who have given Danbo personality and adventures through their photography, I have fallen in love.

(Go ahead, go to Flickr and search Danbo and then tell me you didn't also smile at all his adventures.)

Of course my love for Danbo may have never been if it characters like Wall-E, the Tweenbots, and R2D2 hadn't already softened my heart. I guess it should come as no surprise given my attraction to electronic gadgets. What's not to love about a gadget with a persona?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna head over to ebay and see what it would set me back to order my own mini Danbo. I can see it Danbo...knitting Danbo...oh the possibilities!


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