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Play Time (aka Seeing What I Could See)...

Our fall weather has been BEAUTIFUL. I love fall. It's about this time of year my creative juices (after having hibernated during the hot of the summer) start flowing again. Already I've been browsing my favorite knitting sites in preparation for winter creating. I also have fabric flowers that need to be made just as soon as we have a less than favorable weather day.

Today after running over the lawn/leaves with the mower, I treated myself to some bonding time with camera. My friend Jenny lent me her Lens Baby for the of course I had to go test it out. And since I was going out with a "play" lens, I grabbed my fish-eye lens too.

Lexi was both intrigued, and a little embarrassed, that I was laying under our laundry taking pictures. (Probably because we're still using the neighbor's clothesline since we haven't replaced ours yet.)

I love shooting trees with the fish-eye. I love how the curve of the lens welcomes the WHOLE tree into the shot and often accentuates the roundness most tree canopies (at least in Iowa) posses.

I found this old moss covered stump the other day taking the "short cut" across the backyard as we walked home from picking Lexi up at school. I adore moss. This little stump feels like a tiny magical world to me.

Can't you just picture little woodland fairies making their home in all that soft, lush green?

A Lens Baby is this funky little selective focus lens that gives the photographer some flexibility with location of the focal point and the ability to create image distortion. (For a better explanation and to see some really cool photos, visit the Lens Baby website.) Needless to say, learning how to use it takes LOTS of practice. I look probably close to 75 pictures with just the Lens Baby over the past 2 days...which has resulted in 5-6 "OK" photos. I definitely need more practice.

I have to thank my neighbor Fred and his amazing garden of a yard for most of these photos today. Last year he planted the above vine along the fence that separates our yards. It's such a lovely splash of delicate blooms here at the end of the growing season.

I've been doing some reading and practicing on using Photoshop to do more than just adjusting the "normal" light and color in my photos. The most recent trick learned, selective color de-saturation. You you can take a photo like this...

And artistically alter it to look like this...

Fun stuff. If you've ever used Photoshop you know how very many, MANY possibilities there are for altering your photos within the program. But learning even some of the basic tricks takes a bit of time when you're trying to self teach. The internet has been a great place to find info and tips from other photographers. Yea technology!

My first subjects yesterday after I mounted the Lens Baby was, of course, the girls. Unfortunately I only ended up with 1 photo worth sharing.(Focusing this particular lens when you don't know what the heck you're doing takes some time and subjects that move CONSTANTLY are probably NOT the best for the first steps of learning. Who knew?)

Getting this photo was quite by accident considering it was the FIRST one I shot. Sometimes it really is about just getting lucky!



Laura said…
fthe photos are lovely, Jenn!

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