Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knitter in Training...

Last winter as I would knit away on whatever project was keeping me occupied, Lexi would sit and watch. Which would always lead her asking "When can I learn how to knit?"

After stalling her through the winter (because as a newbie myself I wasn't quite sure I was ready to teach a 7 year old), and then through the summer (because I just don't enjoy knitting as much with sweaty palms), I finally decided it was time to make time this past weekend to get her started. We ventured to the store for her very own bamboo needles and a skein of inexpensive yarn (in blue, apparently her new favorite color) and came home to cast on.

I'm very proud of how well she is doing. Despite the fact we have now cast on (and un-knit) her practice piece twice, her stitches are quite even. She simply has a bit of a problem increasing the number of loops on the needle when she turns at the end of a row. A common mistake for any beginner, regardless of age. But otherwise she's got the basics of the knit stitch down!

With as attentive as she is to detail, plus her ability to focus on one task for good chunks of time, I'm fully expecting her to be knitting circles around me by the time she reaches middle school...if it even takes that long!


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