Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go Tigers Go...

This past week was Homecoming week here in Grinnell. Thursday evening the town gathered to celebrate with the annual Homecoming parade and pep rally downtown.

The girls are quite proud to be tigers. (In fact, after Thursday Brea has decided that for Halloween, she wants to be a tiger...grrrowl.)

This year Lexi got to enjoy the parade as a participant...twice! (This is one of the parts of the parade that I love. You see kids going through, maybe with the band, or with a team, and then at the end of the route they dash to the start to go through again another time with their other involvements. That to me is SO COOL.) Lexi's first trip through the route was on her elementary school float...

And then we ran through the park to hook her up with her new 4-H group. This will be her first year as a 4-H Clover Bud, and we are all so excited to be involved with such a fun group with so many familiar faces!


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