Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For the love of warm hands...

I have a confession. I'm obsessed with making hand-warmers. Fingerless mitts. Whatever you call them, I just can't seem to get enough of them!

Actually this whole knitting adventure started because I wanted a pair and I figured why buy some when I could learn how to make them myself. (I'm sometimes stubborn that way.)

It started with these:

Which lead to these:

After some design changes (additions of thumb gussets and an actual row/stitch plan), I'm currently working on my 7th pair...with yarn in queue for pair number 8. (Certifiable obsession I tell you.) How can you not love em. The knit up quick, are super portable, and so cute on hands of all sizes. What's not to love?

My husband laughs at the fact that so far it seems I knit kinda like I cook. I'll often consult a recipe or two for a basic idea and then venture forward with my own little twists. I have yet to make a pair of hand-warmers using an actual pattern. Even the pair I'm working on now I've taken the liberty to make some changes to my own design. Few less rows here, few extra stitches there.(And let's not forget those accidental the random purl stitch in among some knits. Oops.) I think that's part of the reason I've become so attached to knitting to don't always have to color inside of the lines. I like that.

I do have hopes of someday actually following a pattern designed by someone else. I adore these. And I'd like to venture out from mitts to gloves, and think these might be a fun challenge.And maybe, just maybe, my mitts will become mittens and my gloves will get full fingers.




MS said...

so can i order some for my girl?? :-)

Eco Yogini said...

OUUUUUU!!! I LOVE these!!! I don't knit... but my mom can... hmm. perhaps I will ask for some sort of bday present :)

Very fun site- I found you through 'it's all about yoga' :)