Saturday, September 12, 2009

All in a Day's Play...

The Barbies (and any other Barbie like dolls) have been getting a lot of play time in our house lately. Maybe on occasion, a little too much play.

(Though, the Polly Pockets probably still get the most face time. It still perplexes me at times how I ended up with two GIRLS.)

Don't worry, no Barbies were harmed in the preparation of this blog.


Bride Barbie's head has been re-attached...though the fix resulted in a shorter (more realistic) neck.

Tonight when I walked in to the living room after making dinner, I was greeted by this:

According to Brea, they're waiting for the start of the dance show...followed by a movie. You the theater.

(Crap. The Barbies have a more exciting social life than I do. Nice.)


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MS said...

Whoa, Ken! Flaunting the six-pack!