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2nd Grade...

Today is Lexi's first day of 2nd grade.

She's had this outfit picked out for today since the day we went back to school shopping with Grandma Peg in mid-July.

I have to admit, the purchase of these shoes was heavily influenced by yours truly. I so wish they made some in my size!

As is the tradition in our house, Scott went into work late so he could join us for the first morning amble of the year. Scott is such an amazing Daddy and knows just how to make his girls feel special.

It's amazing to think that the first time we made this trip 2 years ago for Lexi's first day of kindergarten, Brea was in a stroller. Not today! She's eagerly awaiting the day she herself gets to walk to school!

I hope Lex had a great first day. I'm looking forward to welcoming this smiling face home any minute. I'm sure she'll have all sorts of exciting things to share about her new classroom, her new teacher, and her friends.


If You've Ever Wondered...

I've had a cold for a couple of weeks and even though things are clearing up I can't yet smell or taste anything. Because I'm kinda a nerd, I decided to look up why that is exactly. And since I'm kinda a nerd, I thought I'd share what I found.

According to
Even though your mouth has thousands of taste buds (most of them located on your tongue), the way food smells greatly affects your sense of taste. Your tongue can only sense four flavors: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter; it is the different smells of foods that allow you to experience a wide variety of tastes. When you have a head cold, the lining of your nose is swollen and produces extra, thick mucus. This mucus keeps the scent particles of food from getting to your olfactory center, located on top of your nasal cavity. These scent particles cannot reach the thick batch of hairs there that send smell impulses to your brain.

And there you have it. Scent particles and my olfactory center aren't bein…

Just Because They Make Me Happy...