Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Week's Review in Pictures...

What have the Mavins been up to here at the end of July?

Well it was recently RAGBRAI season. Which this year meant something a little bit different for us. Mainly I did not ride. I bookended the week with the drop off and pick up of riders and bikes (and a little partying). And in the days between I taught A LOT and enjoyed some family activities.

Scott took a day off to take Lexi to an I-Cubs game. Despite a cloudy, damp start to the day, they had a wonderful time.

Brea and Lexi got to take a mini vacation in Newton where they spent a couple days with Grandma Peg and Auntie Pammy. Which meant Scott and I got to enjoy a couple kid free nights. I finally got a chance to hop on the Harley for a was fun once I relaxed. We enjoyed dinners full of adult conversation and on Thursday night headed out to the county fair grounds for the fair's talent show in which our friend Lexi was singing. It was fun remembering what life was like before kids...and remember how much I simply enjoy the company of my hubby.

Friday came much faster than one would expect and I headed to Mt. Pleasant to join the crew to finish out "the best week of the year." Marie had found this lovely campsite in the backyard of a beautiful old stately house in which a very nice gentleman runs a funeral home. Sounds kinda creepy...but it wasn't. It was so good to share a night with my "other" family in our lovely home away from home for the night.

The riders had had a long, windy day so naps were in order before we headed out for the night.

As you can tell from the smiles on our faces, the sisters were glad to be together. I so love these ladies.

Grandma Peg treated the girls to a new pool while she was here. The weather has been cool, but they braved the cold tap water a couple of times this week for some wet fun. I had to laugh when they pulled the hammock over to patiently wait for the pool to fill earlier this week. They are such good friends in addition to being sisters. I'm so lucky that I get to witness many simply happy moments like this throughout the day.

It's hard to believe we will be greeting August on Saturday. A summer cold is making it's way though our house, which just isn't right...colds should not hit in the summer! So unfortunately I spent most of this very BEAUTIFUL day snuggled up with my new best friend, the kleenex box.

Yet, as if to say sorry for the sniffles and that it's all going to be ok...look what showed up in my latte this morning...


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