Sunday, July 5, 2009


I'm somehow finding myself indirectly involved in somewhat of an awkward situation this summer. My life isn't necessarily directly affected by the conflict or the eventual outcome, but emotionally I can feel a pull through even my remote involvement. Mostly because it involves people I have come to care about greatly. Who each hold a special place in my heart and who have become part of our extended family. And a project I've grown to love and whose mission (at least as it was originally conceived) I support whole heatedly.

It's heart breaking for me really. How I would love to offer up advice and words that could maybe help resolve the issues at hand. However, it's not my place to do so in this particular situation. As a nurturer through and through, I want nothing more than to be able to make sure everyone comes through to the other side safe, with relationships and hearts intact. I want to bake a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, set everyone down around the kitchen table with a glass of milk and get everyone to make peace so they can go back out and get on with playin'.

Unfortunately life isn't quite that simple. And so I will try my best to sit here on the side lines and offer up what support I can.

It's not an easy place for me to be...


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