Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Strength it is Not...

I have a confession...I am far from a perfect Mother.

I know, shocked we all are.

No, but seriously, as Moms we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and I've been feeling very guilty lately about one of my weaknesses...

I'm really bad about allowing the girls to have friends over to play.

I like people and hanging out with my friends. I even really enjoy hosting get togethers at our house, even though I feel bad about our lack of space for recreational gatherings. (Some day that basement is going to come in when we can afford to make it more attractive than bare concrete!) I realize my girls are super social individuals and that they would, if allowed, love to have someone over to play all day, every day. But for some reason setting up play time and hosting other kids at our house ranks right up there with toilet scrubbing...I know it's a necessary task but I'm so glad when it's over.

Having people in my space is for me, at times, exhausting. When I'm home I normally just want to enjoy the quietness that is being at home. So I'm sure that is part of it. Plus there's the dogs and my fear of having someone else's kid(s) unintentionally nipped. And while I like kids...2 is plenty to handle on my own.

Funny, because as much as I am like my mother...this is one of the ways we are COMPLETELY different. Though, like here I do hope that as the girls age our house becomes the hangout of choice so we know where they are, that they are safe, and that they are making good choices. (OH please let that be the case!)

I realize these are pretty lame excuses for not hosting a few more play times at our house...especially in the summer when we can take advantage of our nice big, mostly shady, backyard. (The backyard I happen to be enjoying in the hammock, quietly, right now as I type this.) Besides, then I wouldn't have to deal with the associated guilt I feel when my girls head to someone else's house for a play-date knowing full well it's way beyond my turn to return the favor.

Maybe tomorrow.


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