Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quilt in a Day...

When my Mom was visiting at the end of June, we of course had to make a few quilt store stops. I mean what is a trip/visit without shop hopping? Even though I haven't been doing much quilting as of late, I still love to shop hop. On our last stop at Fern Hill in South Amana (a VERY cool shop if you are ever in the area it's soooooo worth a stop...for non-quilters too!) I completely fell in love with Mocha Meringue, a Marcus fabric line by Michele D'Amore. (L.O.V.E.) The whole line is a luscious mix of creamy lights to dark chocolate browns. LUSCIOUS. So my Mom gifted me a few yards...which led to me ordering a few more yards online (at discount!) as I planned out the 2, possibly 3 quilts I want to make just with this line of fabric. THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!

Thursday was rainy, cool, and I had the entire day off. So I decided to get cutting and sewing on project #1...a light "vanilla" quilt out of the Summer issue of Quilts and More. I really like this magazine. It's only published quarterly and aims to offer fun, simple projects...quits and more...just as the title says. Their quilts are often "big block" quilts which go together quick and are perfect for beginners or those of us with little time to sew. (And too many UFQs...unfinished quilts...that are much more involved/complicated.) At approximately mid-night I ironed the last border seam to complete my first "quilt in a day". With breaks for Mommy duties, dinner, etc, I'm guessing it took me 6-7 hours to cut, sew and iron from a start to finish.

(Thanks to the wind for cooperating today JUST long enough to fluff my vanilla top while hanging on the line so I could snap a picture for ya all to see.)

Finished size will be approximately 64x80 (inches) which is about twin bed size...perfect for snuggling on the couch in the cooler months of the year OR as a massage therapy cover...someday when I finally get school worked into my life. (That project is once again on hold. Sigh.) As far as quilting goes, I'm somewhat leaning towards something like this. I think the vertical stripes would complement the general design of the quilt PLUS straight line quilting is something I can do on my basic machine with my limited experience.

I realized while making this quilt...I am WAY to anal about fabric/print balance to let things be totally random (at least at this point in my quilt design life), hence the order to the fabric placement with resulted in an unintended, but I think pleasing, pattern.

I'm nervous but excited to get working on project #2 because it will be using my favorite fabrics in the line...a lovely, LOVELY dark chocolate brown floral print so yummy I just want to wrap myself up in the fabric alone! I'm trying REALLY hard not to order more of it...I don't know that I'm going to successful in that attempt. I'll keep you posted...


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Sara said...

very nice, Jenn! It is all about the fabrics, isn't it!? Can't wait to see the luscious chocholate!