Monday, July 13, 2009

Bright Fabric Flowers = LOVE...

I'll admit, I have had some creative ideas that in the end haven't so much turned out as I had envisioned. THIS is NOT one of those times!

Yesterday my friend Laura celebrated her birthday. In these "recession times" figuring out how to help someone celebrate sometimes takes a little creative thinking. So Sunday I set off on an online hunt for tutorials on making fabric flowers. (Because if there is anything I have in abundance, it's fabric! And who doesn't love getting flowers on their birthday?) After finding some really cool things (including an amazing fabric flower bride's bouquet on etsy) I started a prototype to figure out exactly how I wanted to proceed. (Thanks to Pink Paper Peppermints for the inspirational and simple flower design tutorials!)

I had originally wanted to sew everything, but in the end decided the hot glue gun was a better tool in attaching the wired stems and leaves, fabric wrapped of course.

It was fun thinking about how one change to the basic design creates a whole different look...double layers, smaller accent flowers, the possibilities are endless! This pink beauty was my first (well, technically second...first after the prototype) and still remains my favorite. It's just so cheery!

The prep work for these is the most labor intensive step...lots of cutting and ironing. (I am not a fan of ironing but putting these together would not work without pressing and steaming all those precious little petals.) But the end result is so worth the prep. I can't wait to whip up some more. I can think of several individuals who might enjoy a bright little bouquet to cheer up their day. And since I already have all the supplies needed in "the craft zone"...the only expense in giving is my time. And it's hardly an expense when I'm having so much fun in the process!

Happy Birthday Laura. I hope it was a great day!


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