Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Scott is in Chicago at a training for work and the girls and I spent most of this hot, hot day cleaning house and preparing for Grandpa Rod and Grandma Shirley's arrival tomorrow. By mid-afternoon we had accomplished our "to do" list (plus!) and since the heat index has been steadily rising over the past few days (today's fore-casted heat index was 105-110!) I thought it would be nice to treat the girls to a movie AT the theater. We went to see UP, a movie we have all been anxiously waiting to see. (Yes, I actually like MOST of the animated movies the girls watch. Most...)The last movie we took them to AT the theater was Wall-E. (Quite possibly my favorite Disney/Pixar creation.) In fact as we picked our seats today Brea looked at me all excited and asked, "Remember when we came to a movie and I had my paci?" THAT was Wall-E. I was amazed she remembered enough to make that connection.

The movie was good. It was free pop-corn day and the theater was almost TOO cool for our minimum summer wear. The girls were a bit tired having woke up extra early today and they both got a little impatient towards the end of the movie, but over all an enjoyable outing. I liked the fact UP is near the end of its run here at our theater so the crowd was small. Though the projector wasn't quite focused right which I found a bit annoying...especially at $5 a ticket...apparently the new matinee price.

We exited the dark of the theater almost 2 hours after entering to find wet streets and cloudy skies. As we exited the building we also found the temperature and humidity outside had dropped tremendously. In fact the temp in the car on the way to the theater had said 94...quite different from the 68 that read out when I started her up to head home after the flick!

As we were driving home I saw a few branched down here and there...nothing major, just small limbs. I figured the storm must have brought with it some wind. Well, wind it did bring, because upon arriving home we were greeted by this sight...

The laundry I had left drying on the line while we were gone (because it was 94 with blue skies when we departed for the theater) was now laying wet and muddy in the grass thanks to a snapped post.

I let the laundry lay until the storm had passed and we had made and enjoyed a simple supper of scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage. I mean it was already wet and muddy, it wasn't going anywhere. The laundry is now sitting in baskets in the laundry room dripping wet and waiting for me to deal with tomorrow. I have yet to figure out exactly WHAT I'm going to do with it...because our dryer is currently not working...therefore the clothesline has been our only drying option for the past several weeks.

Thankfully Grandpa Rod is handy and good with things that have motors. I'm hoping he will have us up and running with a working dryer by the end of his visit. In fact I have quite the list of small "fix-it" jobs I'm hoping he can lend a hand to over the next 5 days...he may be happy to go home at the end of his vacation to rest!

As for the clothesline....well, guess I'll find a good pair of post hole diggers to borrow.


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