Monday, June 8, 2009

The Bengston B&B...

The girls and I took off last Thursday for north central Nebraska to visit our friends the Bengstons. It's always such a treat to hang out at their beautiful house and enjoy some much needed time catching up. It's quite fun that the Bengston girls and the Mavin girls are so close in age. The big sisters play so well together we hardly know they are around. The little sisters are getting to the age when the 6 month difference in their age is become less of a gap and I'm confident that before long they too will be inseparable.

Friday's weather was PERFECT and we spent most of the time in the yard and on the deck enjoying the warm sunny day.

Little E enjoyed some of her swimsuit time hanging out in the kitchen "pool" while the mommies chatted and readied for a social event later in the evening. I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of her contently sucking on a slice of lime in her private spa. She is such a cutie.

On Saturday the Mommies snuck away for afternoon to visit a couple quilt stores in Grand Island and a stop at the Miletta Vista Winery for a tasting on their beautiful deck. A night of sewing finished up our visit and too quickly our time to head home arrived on Sunday morning.

Our trip home was quick and uneventful. The drive is easy, simply long. It doesn't help that I have developed quite the case of travel anxiety over the past few years. I spend a lot of energy worrying that every other driver on the road could at any moment be the cause of a traumatic crash. I don't have a lot of big fears in life, but being involved, or having loved ones involved, in a serious car accident is one that has seemed to have grown since I became a Mom. Thankfully I'm a bit more at ease when I'm behind the wheel, which is what makes taking these trips possible.

I realized this trip that should we stop every time I see an old sign/barn/building/rusty tractor/broken down fence row/tree grove/church that makes me go "that would be fun to photograph", we would NEVER get anywhere! I need to either make a plan to make a trip specifically for photographing all the small treasures along the way OR just plan on adding time to our normal trips to allow for at least the occasional stop. I did manage to snap this shot through my window as we were driving through Columbus. How could I not...Latte Lizard...too funny!

I'm also quite lucky that the girls are excellent travelers. We load the car with plenty of things to keep them occupied...movies, books, art supplies, snacks, etc. We enjoy times of conversation and finding places to stop for treats. I do hope that in the years to come they will look back on the trips that we have made together fondly. I know I always will.

Many, many thanks to the Bengston clan for being such amazing hosts. For good food and good wine and lots of laughs and time spent together. Life doesn't get much better than that!


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Sara said...

The Latte Lizard is the BEST! It is my favorite drive-up coffee shop in Columbus - when I'm too lazy to get out and walk into Starbucks in HyVee. Remind me to tell you the story about the women who own this two-stand chain!